Fanfiction Game - Title Needed.

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Now that I have your attention, I'll explain.


The "Players", anybody who posts a comment, will go to and pick out some of the options for the character that they are going to generate. This website has stuff from backstories to looks, although the required things are:


A name.


An appearance.


A backstory.


A sidekick.


Yeah. That's how much you will need. From that point, you will want to draw out how your new OC looks.


After that, find the generator that generates fanfictions on Generate the fanfiction, and throw in some random character(s) from a TV show, or movie, game, etc.


Make your fanfiction as "great" and "amazing" as you can! Bee shore thatt their r nu typoes.


Good luck!

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I'm sure plenty of avid fanfic writers here will get a kick out of this, although I'm confused by the rules. Sounds like you want us to randomly generate our character's name, appearance, backstory, sidekick, etc, and then draw them if we want to, and you mentioned something that generates fanfics? What do you mean by that, does it like write the whole thing for you? Looks like there are tons of random generators on that site, it's hard to know what you want us to use. Maybe you should do the first one so we can have an example to base other ones on  :-P

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I hadn't drawn out what my generated character looked like yet, but here's the basic stuff I used to make my character.




Skin: Medium brown


Hair: Long, wavy, blond


Eyes: Dark turquoise, small


Height: A little short


Weight: Quite thin


Build: Narrow






Courteous: Occasionally


Risk-Taking: Occasionally


Ambitious: Often


Curious: Never


Self-Controlled: Occasionally


Nurturing: Often


Trusting: Usually


Honest: Rarely


Loyal: Occasionally


Affectionate: Rarely


Romantic: Often


Flirty: Occasionally


Sympathetic: Occasionally


Altruistic: Sometimes


Optimistic: Usually


Observant: Sometimes


Logical: Rarely


Social: Very solitary


Emotions: Somewhat unstable






Your character's career choice was influenced by the
admiration of a famous chef.




The death of a mentor left your character with unfilled
emotional needs.




The incarceration of a mentor left your character wondering
how things might have been otherwise.






Your outfit is done in dark magenta, yellow, gold, and
gray.  You are wearing a tunic with
elbow-length loose sleeves and a gathered waist, as well as a pair of knee-high
boots with heels and a corset.






Arakaki Masato




Basic Plot:


A major villain is unexpectedly pregnant with the child of a
new character.






Ganondorf wa sjust an averge guy. Not really that mch on the
talking side or snthing. Im shure you guys all know him from LoZ Twilight
Princess. #BestGmeEver. Anywyas, he was going t0 his annual check up aht
HyrulCastle. When he got there, the doctor said.


“Ganon” Im sorry to say you are pregnant.


Ganondorf replied “WAHO! I can’t wait! Wait, whyd youn say
you are sorry for me?


Cuz “youwill wreck your life; Nobody can sbe a supervillain
with a kid. Its not right.”


Anywyas, Ganon ran home crying so manly, it stop 3 tsunamys.
When he got home, he started going into labor. He thought that hae was just


Anywyas, this little kkdi cme out of him, he was a short
thin boy. Ganondorf decied to name him Arakaki. Ganondorf didn’t want to have
this kid known as his child, so he gave him a fake last name and threw him off
Hyruke Castle.


15 years later, Arakaki Masato was found living as a strange
little demon eating the carcuses of dead heroes tht tried to ggo through the
water temple. Arakaki was raysed by 2 loving parents: Shia LaBeouf, and Sonic
the Hedgehog. Arakaki was taught byh the world renown chef, mr. Mario himself.
Anyways, Mario boosted Arakaki to be the best he could be, but one day the fbi
cam and caught morio using rat toenails in his famous soup[. Mario was thrown
into a high security pison where he was later betan up and killed by his cell
mates. This left Arakaki with some emotional needs, and made im think about how
it ould of beeen otherwise. Mario also made Arakaki relize he wanted to become
a kknight for Hyrule. He pledged to defat Gamon, briging peece to the land.


When the army arrived to beeat up Ganondoryf, he suddenly
had the feeling thart he needed to save Ganong dwarfs life, but the rest o the
army already killed Ganondorf.


Arakaki later grew old and died alone, just like his father.




Thy end,.

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