Horatio From Pit People

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hi guys i do professional art professionally. i drew horatio because i really like him from pit people and i like blueberries


please provide comments and criticism


now i havent had time to color yet but that should be easy i have some crayons and colored pencils so it'll be no problem


p.s. call me dan paladin for hiring purposes

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Very nice, very nice! Your work has a very distinct youthful aesthetic to it, one that I can tell has had much practice put into perfecting it. The decision to make his mouth line extend further than the region of his face was especially wise, as was the creative genius behind giving him stick fingers on his bulky, muscular left arm and block-ish fingers on his longer and skinnier right arm. It really captures the essence of "Horatio" and breathes some life to your artwork.


The only suggestion I can offer a craftsman of your prestige is to maybe upgrade from using what I assume is a mouse so that your future masterpieces can be all the greater. Maybe invest in a cheap drawing tablet or something along those lines. I used to have a Wacom tablet that I used and it was pretty good aside from a small amount of input lag between the drawing pad and the software. Not the fanciest out there, but you'd wanna keep it cheap to start with; you can invest in a more expensive one later on. Other than that though this is pretty flawless, keep up the good work!

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I just got off the phone with danp(not really) and he said he enjoys looking at your fantastic art skillz

Edit: I really like the see thru hair 10-10, would look at again for 50$

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