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Playlist Name: Madness Medley

Gamertag: Daddyo ZZZZZ


Playlist Type: Arena

Mode: Ball Game, King of the Hill, Muckle, Color the World, Soul Snatcher




Ball Game

Teleport Throws - Jump in through the portal to play-but be careful! You might wind up in a trap!

I'm A Fan - Grab the ball, and throw it in a hole! Protect the switch closest to your spawn, and press the other to get the ball in the enemey's hoop!

Super MarioBowl - This Mario inspired map a has some teleport pipes for fast travel!


King of the Hill

Royal Chamber - Destroy your enemies by shoving them into one of the holes, and sending them to a spiky, wet, explosive, or toothy death. Watch out above you!

Erupt - Travel into a volcano, and obliterate your foes with spiky traps on the sides!

Dethrone - Protect your throne, while attacking the other to gain control!



Shocking Charge - Try not to be electrocuted, while electrocuting those who want to electrocute you! Whew.

Cavern Fights - Climb the walls of this cave, and punch your enemies off!

Teleportal - Jump in a portal to travel to your foes quickly-or fall to a well coordinated grenade!


Color the World

Color Me Hungry

Why So Blue

Don't Eat Paint


Soul Snatcher



Tiny Theives


I hope you enjoy! Have fun wrecking face! :D

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Seems like a pretty cool playlist. Try to give you a rating soon!

Edit: I liked the level where you pressed Y and then you had to press the buzzer to get the ball in the goal.


Edited by RedHotSword3256

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