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Hey Guys! I was wondering if anyone wishes to do castle crashers co-op. Heres some helpful info:


XBOX LIVE GT:Leifster2003

I am 12 years old. Do not call me a squeaker, because I am not.

I am NOT one of those troll @$$holes, you should know that.

I have a lot of DLC characters(randomly was able to get Pink Knight for free ???)


Just tell me here, and add me on xBox Live!


EDIT: My internet isn't always so good, so I can't ALWAYS play online. Don't forget that. I also have this sort of stuttering/stammering issue, and please respect it when I don't talk much.

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Im usually on from 12pm - 6pm, UK time.


GT: Jamma003


My internet is A-grade crud though, so I might keep disconnecting.

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