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Adventure Playlist: Desert Temple

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Hello, Agent 6......4? you have been assigned  to play a playlist.


Playlist name: Desert Temple

Gamertag: LilKINGsta100


The Story:

What your going to be doing is founding a Desert Temple guarded by Cats, Down there is a Counterfeit-Gem(Strawberries)-Making Lab With their King...... uhhh... a Brown Monster? Anyways, You have to get past Some Obstacles to so you can kill the king and Self destruct the Factory! Remember that some of the Counterfeit Gems (Strawberries) are very hidden in the blocks so i'm giving you Wall-passing Tech. to get pass walls and that stuff.... also when you get pass all of that... then get to the portal before they call there Super-Cats (Or Whatever) that you can't escape. Do we got that clear?


Requirements: You and your gameplay


Thing about the playlist:

1. It is possible to do this in Insane mode

2. It has some new gameplay


That's all I can think of for now......

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I'll try to play this tonight. I'll give you a score soon.

Edit: I think your gamertag is supposed to be spelled like

Lil KINGsta100

Rating: Well, pretty challenging, but when I got to the finale, it was very easy. But the encores were very challenging. So I think 9.0?

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