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Character ideas

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Another great idea! Where do you get all that? The swamp guy and the native american are great.

Character = Chef

Weapon = Frying Pan (-2 agi, +2 magic, +3 defense)

Animal orb = A grilled chicken flying around which can drag the enemies attention for a few seconds.

RT + Y = Throws boiling oil forward

RT + B = Throws cinnemon buns at enemies

RT + A = Jumps off a rising pile of dishes

that would be epic XD

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Character...Lycaon (A Greek like figure in a toga). Sorry kids, I know it seems obsessive but I can't help it.

Weapon: Crooked Dagger (-2 Str. +3 Mag. +4 Ag.)

Animal Orb: A wolf that knocks everyone but the player it's following to the ground.

RT+Y: White sound waves that sound like a wolf's howl.

RT+B: Single white blast.

RT+A: Jumps from something that resembles Mount Olympus.

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Animal Orb: Croc (a miniature version of the two legged one that you ride)

Bites enemies, causing them to bleed for 1 damage per second fot the next 10 seconds.

To go with my swamp guy. :P

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Char: Dark Pessent

Weapon: Gigantic Sowrd (Piconjo sowrd), +11 damage but 5 everything else

Item: Giant Spinning disk, You throw it and it go's on fire then come's back to you but and you dont get hurt.

Orb: Aligator,Attacks anyone if the touch you

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Gordon freeman


+2 defense and agility



y:gravity gun launches random item

b:shoots rocket

a:gravity gun launches you up

orb:D.O.G throws enemys at each other



Aperture turret

+2 strength



y:throws aperture cube

b:shoots portal gun

a:launches her up with portal gun

orb: companion cube

-1magic +3 def

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Flippy from HTF!

weapon: christmas tree cookie (reference to the, hard for you to sleigh, episode :lol: )

RT+Y spikes shoot out from a pile of leaves in the ground

RT+B throws a grenade

RT+A leaps up and gains extra force for the jump with flamethrowers

arrows is the rambo knife he uses so often

animal orb: the good side of him. increases defense by 2 but decreases attack by 1

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Guest hiuhyoi
Ah I didn't know that. :P

Character: Viking

Weapon: Pencil (+5 Strength, +3 Magic, -6 Defense) Level: 20

Item: Glider: Once equipped, you see it on your back. When you jump, you'll glide forward. You can attack while gliding. To take it off, just equip another item. Useful for gliding over large gaps, or gliding over places to get to a hidden location.

Animal Orb: Rat (Prevents you from getting poisoned) Found by breaking the door to the left of the Ship level.

I like the irony in a Rat PREVENTING poison despite the fact Rats can't vomit which is why Rat poison is so effective against them. Perhaps a Rat orb that diseases close enemies or something similarly generic would be a better option.

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Glutton Knight:

(Knight who is fat and brown)

RT + Y: Eats a piece of meat and enters beefy mode till his mana bar runs out.

RT + B: Glutton Knight throws a chicken leg, which heals allies for a small amount of health if it hits them, or damages enemies

RT + A: *Open to ideas*


Meat stick: agl.-5, str.+4, def.+4 req. lv 15

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Guest Woe

I was bored. I thought of four. Here ya go.

Character: Drunkard


-Description: Mostly like Saracen, but with wild black hair instead of the hat.

-Weapon: Belaying pin; -1 strength, -1 defense, +2 or 3 agility.

-Item: Ale; temporarily increases damage/strength and defense, has a recharge time.

-Magic: Splash: Spits out ale, holding a match in front of him. Fire ensues.

Projectile: Throws an empty glass bottle.

Jump: Power jump, like what the gray knight and Saracen have.

-Animal orb: Ratata; a rat that diseases enemies, giving them lowered agility and defense.

Character: The Seer


-Description: Only clothed in light-colored pants and a white blindfold over his eyes.

-Weapon: Bo staff; +1 strength, -1 magic, +1 defense.

-Item: Shiny mysterious crystal; alerts the holder when they pass near a weapon, buried item, food, or a hidden anything.

-Magic: Splash: Unleashes a psychic blast that stuns and damages foes.

Projectile: Ninja's shuriken, but with a chance to do critical damage.

Jump: Quick levitate: The Seer drops his hands sharply, and an unseen force launches him in the air.

-Animal orb: Freddy; a cougar that attacks enemies, hurting them like Bitey the Bat.

Character: Inventor


-Description: A green tunic and black pants, a quill above/behind his right ear, and spectacles make up the Inventor's signature style.

-Weapon: the wrench.

-Item: Blueprints; better luck finding items in destroyable things(boxes, etc.). Don't as me how.

-Magic: Splash: Arrow rain.

Projectile: Throws a spinning compass - the kind used in drawing - pointy-end out.

Jump: Weapon-assisted leap: the jumper flips and uses his/her weapon to thrust him/herself into the air.

-Animal orb: Revolver: an ocelot who commonly attracts the attention of enemies, but cannot die... for some reason...

Character: Alchemist


-Description: The Alchemist is shrouded in a red robe. Only a smoking pipe can be seen protruding from the shadow of the robe's hood.

-Weapon: Scepter; +3 magic, -2 defense

-Item: Recipes; gives a ~1/50 chance of turning a food item into a health potion upon receiving said food item.

-Magic: Splash: Splashes an either corrosive or poisonous potion on those in the affected area.

Projectile: Throws a glass ball of poison/corrosive liquid. Gives DoT and piercing damage.

Jump: the Alchemist very quickly takes a sip of a potion and simultaneously jumps. The potion apparently gave him the ability to jump that high.

-Animal orb: Hoonouse; an unknown entity created by the Alchemist. It lowers the defense of enemies around it significantly.

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Guest the black knight

Character: A orc

Weapon: orc sword (+2 magic, +6 agility, -1 defense)

Magic: like a green magic that blow the enemies..

Bolt magic: kill enemies in short time

Pet: a war dog

Item: a orc ax

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Guest the black knight

Evil knight

evil sword, +2 strength -1 agitlity +3 magic.

His magic's is call a horde of creatures of the underworld(more espesific squeletons and demons).

He would wear a black armor.

For a orb for him a evil/black dragon that would grow and incinerate his enemies.

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Guest KeenGlare


Weapon: Pitchfork (that is already in the game) or a Rake (+1 Strength, -1 Defence, and the Critical Hit effect

Animal Orb: Small Cow (squirts milk on the ground for enemies to slip in)

RT+Y: Causes a rampage of farm animals with The Behemoth chicken leading them

RT+B: Throws a torch that burns enemies

RT+A: The ground creates a hill to lift the Farmer

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Some of these are really good. I like the idea of a character whose splash magic is to stun all the normal enemies on screen, of course an awsome ability like this will most likely have to be balanced out by costing a full mana bar. An orc weapon to me would have decreased agility and increased defense or strength. The drunkard and farmer ideas are hilarious to me. I would love to see those but perhapes a stack of hay to lift up the farmer for his magic jump?

P.S. Freddy Couger = rotflamo :lol:

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Weapon: Katananana. An oddly-shaped yellowish katana. LVL 15 weapon, gives:

+1 Str

-2 Def

+2 Agl


Splash Magic: Whirlwind. Amazing sword skills creates localized wind storm. Would appear similar to the Green Knight's Poison Cloud, only bladed and hazy sky blue.

Projectile Magic: Vaccuum Wave. Just like it sounds.

Rising Magic: Twister. Similar to the A, A combo, only rising upwards. Great for clearing a pile while tacking on damage.

Arrows: Would have little straw hats for arrowheads. :D

Animal orb: Wolfy. Stalwart lone wolf prevents Knockdown.

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Guest Jett

In my everlasting hope that I'll one day get to rock the fem characters, here is my submission xD


Weapon: Spear (I think there's one in the game)

Magic: Holy Magic. Small attacks appear as arrows of light, Larger attacks would be pillars of light which erupt from the ground in a straight line from the character to the target. When jumping during casting, a pillar of light would boost her up and wings of light would appear on her back for a moment before fading away. I'm partial to blue light, but gold/yellow/wihte light it usually associated with Holy magic more, so that works too.

Animal orb(?): Pegasus. Grants Freedom of Movement (Character is unaffected by terrains such as Ice or water)

Character Design:


This kind of character would be good starting as a monster in some downloadable feature and then becoming unlockable as a character thereafter.

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Michael Jackson

Weapon: Silver Glove (-1 Offense, -2 Defense, +6 Agility, because this thing makes you MOVE!)

Magic: Moonwalk (An invincible stride that ends with a WOOOOO and knocks everyone around over)

Projectile: Fedora

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Character: Pikachu! :D

Weapon: Thunderbolt dager (strength 2- Magic 16+ defence 16+ agility 16+) level 20

Magic: Lightning from the sky! projectile mgc: the move shock wave

Animal orb: Pichu! (everything 9+)

thisnis such a cheap character! :lol:

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Character: Bard


-Description: Looks like the Bard with a drum from Home Castle.

-Weapon: Guitar

-Item: Drum: Increases Defense by 1 and Agility by 3

-Magic: Splash: All the other bards come behind him, and they send yout a wave of music notes [bards and Music Notes are increased when magic is upgraded.]

Projectile: Throws a Music Note.

Jump: Music Notes lift Bard up.

-Animal orb: Radio: Distracts/Stuns enemies occasionally [Effect of Boomerang]

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Guest Batyzero

newgrounder-i dont rlly know what he'd looks like maybye a tankman made to look like on of the castle crashers knights-I:E the rectangular head?

Starting weapon golden ng sword

animal orb-ANGRY FAIC!!!11-increases your strenght and makes your character glow red and have a constant angriy expression on his face.

rb-y-giant letters fall out of the sky at level one its an "N" and at higher magic an "E" until at max magic its the entire newgrounds logo.

rb-b a newgrounds loading bar that you can charge and fire I:E if you just push the magic button it would be embty and do very little damage. and if you charge it to max it says loading complete does a large amount of damage and explodes.

RB-A-boosted up by the NG tank.

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character: Wolf knight

Magic: Howls and all enemies EXPLODE.

Projectile mgc: air slash wave

Weapon: Moonlight sword str 20+ mgc 7+ def -1 Agility 20+

Item: A ring of blades that does same thing like boomerang but doesnt confuse them instead chops heads off

Animal Orb: Wolfina (vicious white she puppy wolf) Chops heads off with claws

another really CHEAP character

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The Wizard.

Appearance: Old man with gray beard, dirty brown robes, and a gray pointy wizard hat, slightly scrunched to point backwards. The hat is also dirty with a black square patch.

Splash Magic: All enemies on screen are stunned at the cost of a full magic bar.

Projectile Magic: Blue glowing orbs that explode on contact.

Magic Jump: Blue glowing energy.

Weapon: Wooden Staff from the Church Store.

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