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Cyrus the Animator

Help! Flash Smooth Lines!

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I'm not 100% sure that there's a tool in Flash that smooths your lines (since I don't use Flash), but here are a few general tips I can give about creating smooth lines:

- Get in the habit of drawing lines in one smooth motion; try not to go back and correct them after drawing them because that'll make them look wobbly and uneven. Plan out where you want the line to be when you go to draw it, and if you mess up then just undo the entire line and redraw it.

- In case you don't already do this, it's helpful to draw really light initial sketches in a separate layer before you do your main drawing, just to help plan out your lines when you go to draw them.

- Use a high resolution when you're drawing, like don't be afraid to make a huge 4000x4000 canvas for you to fill and use larger brushes (but just be aware of how much memory you're consuming when saving artwork that big)

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Flash is a vector program that automatically smoothes the line you draw to a vector.  The shorter the line is, the more distorted it tends to end up.  You have to draw with fluid strokes to makes it look the way you want.

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