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[8-21-2015] Solo Feature: Don't Be A Square, Try This Feature!

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Square World by Pepsi illusionz

Difficulty: Intermediate

Expect levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign. Some challenge, but not the hardest we've seen.


This week's playlist maker would like you to take his challenge... what? No, of course you won't be drinking any soda, we're talking about Square World!


Though seriously, if you're going to grab some soda, you should totally try that gem flavored one in the BattleBlock Theater lobby... it is AMAZING.


And speaking of flavor, this week's offering is served up with an explosive, full-bodied taste that will blow your mind. Literally. But also maybe in the good way! With a series of interlocking action and puzzle sequences that are both exciting and approachable, these levels should be appropriate for all but the biggest challenge-seekers out there.


Of course, there's always Insane Mode :D






Square off against this week's playlist and win to unlock this man of action:




...or maybe "action" isn't the right word. He just kinda watches people all the time, like that Alien Hominid that hangs out in BattleBlock Theater if you own his game. Creepy.



Due to some technical issues, we have been unable to update the Feature for XBLA for the last two weeks. Sorry about that!! 


In exchange for your limitless understanding, we are pardoning two additional prisoners this week: Steamroller#2 & FBI #1. Log in anytime in the next two weeks to claim your new friends/bribes!


[Featured Playlist 21 August 2015]

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6 more weeks of winter have been predicted! Groundhog is back up in BattleBlock Theater and you can unlock this creature these next 2 weeks by finishing Furbottom's Features! For the next few weeks, this playlist has been re-featured!

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