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The Forgotten Knight

Changes In Castle Crashers Hd

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So I've noticed some dramatic changes in CC HD and they mostly pertain to weapon stats. 


The big ones are:


The Black Morning Star is no longer one of the best magic weapons.

The Wooden Club no longer does crit damage.

The Chainsaw now has a an additional point towards Defense.

The Fishing Rod is no longer the worst weapon in the game.

The Ice Sword now has a +2 magic buff.

The Snakey Mace now has poison element damage instead of crit damage and no longer has a point and instead looks like it does while at rest in the Weapons Frog. 

The Alien Hominid weapon now does fire element damage. 


The list goes on for weapon changes but these are some of the big ones as the best Magic weapons are no longer the same and the best Defense Weapon now has many more contenders. 




When someone is playing as the Blacksmith he no longer appears outside the Weapons Frog. 


Hitting Start while in the game now creates an artistic hearts and knight head pattern in the background. 


Addition of Back of Barbarian game mode and removal of All You Can Quaff.


Additional matchmaking animation of Blue Knight looking and his eyes getting big when he finds a potential match. 


New main menu art, layout, and design. 


Dramatic decrease in Main Menu music volume.  (Thank you)


Addition of an Insane Mode Store. 


These are just some of the rough offhand changes I've noticed between the 360 and One versions.  I do not know if any of these are already in the Steam version.   I'm sure there are more changes and please feel free to post any you find here in this thread. 

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