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Why Fencer/indy Are The Best Characters - A Condescending Analysis

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Please don't be insulted by this, as it's mostly designed to entertain. I do however think that Fencer and Industrialist are the best characters for reasons such as this one and other, but in an actual argument I wouldn't be quite so condescending.

>All characters except one differ based solely on magic

>Juggling is the best way to kill all enemies besides bosses

>Juggling is time consuming for bosses, making magic the best option

>Characters that are good at killing bosses are good because they make it go faster

>Characters that kill bosses fast make the only time consuming part of the game go by faster

>Characters that kill bosses fast are the most efficient characters for beating normal and insane mode

>Characters that are good at killing normal enemies are good because they make it faster

>Characters that kill normal enemies fast make the part of the game that isn't time consuming go faster

>Characters that kill normal enemies fast aren't as efficient as characters that kill bosses fast

>Magic that kills normal enemies fast doesn't kill them as fast as Juggling

>All characters but one juggle the same, and the one is a good boss slayer

>When using the best tactic to kill normal enemies, all characters are equally fast

>Only good boss slayers kill bosses fast

>Characters that are good at boss slaying are generally just as well equipped for normal enemies

>Characters that are boss slayers are either average or better at everything

>Characters that are good for killing normal enemies are above average where it doesn't matter and suffer in boss slaying

>Things that are good are better than things that are bad

>Boss slaying characters are better than characters that aren't boss slayers

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Blacksmith is 100000000 times better

I prefer the Alien ... :3

Hatty will skill out your fencer any day.


(insert sarcasm emoticon here.)

Actually blacksmith is pretty good now, almost to the point where I could like him despite how ugly he looks to me. Sort of like how I enjoy using Necromancer cause his magic is decent despite his ugly appearance. Aside from the fact that I also think Blacksmith has ugly magic, he could still grow on me like Necromancer did.


I too prefer Alien to Hatty btw cause I find the few good parts of his magic more useful than Hatty's.

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