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[25-Sep-2015] Arena Feature - I've Got My Eyes On You

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I wish I could say I loved the Ball Game before it was cool...but it was always cool! It's impossible to be a hipster here in the Theater...and believe me when I say some have tried! Everything here is so mainstream all the time! We're like a network television comedy special here. 


Arena Feature

Basket Soccer by Agent93


Well since I have both a curly beard and a curly mustache now (believe me, those are two totally differnt things) I've felt more in touch with the middle aged youth of today. It's as if I've always belonged. It's easy to belong when you're locked inside.


But I digress, we have some sports to watch! this weeks exhibition is Basket Soccer, a series of stages pushing and pulling players back and forth between baskets. Let's take a look:








Try to enjoy them this week. Meanwhile, I'll be twirling my beard and reading this here picture book. You see, today is National Comic Book day. I'm super jealous of my cellmate I See You, he has a much easier time reading through a whole series than me.




Oh wait, he's free? He's ready for you to play today? Well, okay. Whenever you're ready (in the next couple weeks at least) , just jump into BattleBlock Theater and unlock this perceptive prisoner starting today!

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We've brought back this Arena Feature for the next two weeks and we've brought back The Final Unicorn for the final days of 2016!


Happy New Year!

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