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[2-Oct-2015] Coop Feature - Aw, You Shouldn't Have!

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Presents! I love presents! Todays gift comes from Arfaras and we're going to share it with everybody, Two at a time.


Coop Feature

For The Behemot by Arfaras

Difficulty: Intermediate


Oh, the lovely middle. The greenest grass will occasionally be right here, firmly content to be on the fence. Levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign will be here. Expect some challenge, but nothing too strenuous.


When you are ready to play today's selection for Furbottom's Features, remember to bring a friend. As there are certain sections where you'll really need to "take one for the team", by absorbing the effects of non-lethal weapon-tools so that your co-prisoner is able to progress. This and other unique challenges abound inside this week's playlist!








Thanks for the gift Arfaras, now can can say your present was presently picked for publication!


Wherever you go, you have to remember one thing: your toothbrush! More specifically, which toothbrush is the mouth toothbrush and which toothbrush is the toilet toothbrush. Since it's World Smile Day, we'll give you our toothbrush just in case you forgot. But you'll have to earn it -- Finish the Coop or Solo Furbottom's Feature to unlock Toothbrush starting today! 



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Last weekend, we brought back Blocketeer for players who complete Furbottom's Features! We've also updated the Furbottom's Features to this playlist!

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