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[9-Oct-2015] Arena Feature - Fundamentally Solid!

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Look, I'm not going to try to get all scientific in this post, but our friend here needs to realize the subtle but vast differences between a world, a star and a ball. You see a star is a ball of plasma lighting up the sky with thermonuclear activity. A world is like a star, but with more solid or liquid bits and less luminescence. And a ball is usually a rubberish round skin pumped full of gas. So really, what I'm trying to say is that this weeks arena playlist subsists of all four fundamental states of matter.  Okay, I lied about not getting scientific....


Arena Playlist

World Star Ball by thats not new


Speaking of fundamentals, World Star Ball has got those down pat. This series subsists on a solid set of satisfying standards. No dirty tricks or strange mechanisms, just a "pure" ball game experience. However, these stages are anything but "Run of the Mill" and each one provides a unique variation on the tried and true formula of the Ball Game.








With Castle Crasher's Remastered coming soon to Steam, you can get ready with this week's regal release: the King! Get yours by logging in and playing Battleblock Theater today!



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