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[Castle Crashers Remastered Pc] Level Up Performance Boost...¿¿¿bug?

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hi, i've recently started playing cc again after the remastered update and im loving it, some parts of the game run silky smooth, and i guessed the other ones didn't because oh well , i have an 8 year old laptop

but my opinion changed after i leveled up in one of those areas

i have noticed that whenever i level up there is a huge temporary increase in performance

regardless of what stage i play in

so i think its not my computer but actually something in the game

is there a way i can check fps and make it so all the game runs smoothly instead of just certain levels and certain parts of them? 


my specs:

Intel® Pentium® CPU P6100  2.00ghz

ram: 2.00 gb

video card : intel® HD graphics

windows 7 32 bits

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