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[11-20-2015] Arena Feature: Horses - Musical Chairs Of The Future!

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Arena Playlist:

LordOfTheFlies by Squiddles (usually lagging)


Normally, the song goes, "A Horse is a Horse, of course, of course...", except in BattleBlock Theater, that Horse might be a Pig. Or... a Fridge? The research is still out on that one. Similarly, this week's playlist does some things with Horse Mode that turn it into something else completely. Thankfully, that something else also happens to be pretty darn fun. Here's a brief description from the author:



"Most of these maps are a new take on Capture the Horse/Pig, best described by our lead testerer as "King of the Pig". 

In most maps there is no enemy pig to capture, simply a neutral pig in the middle. Sitting on the pig will slowly generate points, and banking the pig will give you a large bonus, but alas, the pig will not respawn." 


So, a couple things to take away from this. First, they had a testerer; always a good sign. Second, you're going to find some truly unique arenas in this playlist, since there are next to no real horse pens to score at. Instead, its just a good old fashioned game of buck'em bronco: all you need to do is try not to get knocked off of that rodeo pony. Of course, rodeo horses do a lot more kicking than the ones we breed in the theater, so to add a bit of challenge and spice, Squiddles has added lasers, raccalopes and UFO's to make things extra interesting!






Did you know? Alien Hominid was first released on the Playstation 2, 11 years ago tomorrow! So in the near future, make sure to celebrate this take on the far future from our somewhat distant past. Confused? Here's Fat Kid to explain!




Wow, Fat Kid must be in his mid-twenties at least by now. Must have one of those faces. Anyway, lookin' pretty good, my friend. 


[Featured Playlist 20 November 2015]


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We've re-featured this playlist this week and brought back Tiny Monkey! Unlock this prisoner by heading to an online area of the game (like the Arena Features!).

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