Castle Crashers Trivia Version 2.0

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Since this games seems very interesting I want to get it rolling again



Anyway, this is just general trivia about the game we all love: Castle Crashers! Sure, you've played it till your thumb swelled, but do you know the game inside and out?

The rules: Answer a question above you, then write your own question in the same post. So without further ado, allow me to post a few questions for you of varying difficulty!

1. Which of the following enemies does NOT appear in the Necromancer fight?
a. Snakey
b. Industrial Knight
c. Alien Hominid
d. Ninja

2. How many times does the Undead Cyclops stomp around on the casket before letting the Conehead ghost back in?

3. Explain why it is impossible to complete the game without taking any damage.



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Fencer and Industrialist but depending on how you look at it it could be Bear and Sarcen, Icekimo and Blue Knight, ETC.


What's the safest line in the Necromancer fight?

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The top, only 3 spots where enemies go.


Also @OP magic,  Blue and Icey


Why is the Barbarian our savior?

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