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I wanted to stay up until 2am for the PS stream, but I fell asleep at about 1:30 :c.

Catching up, it seems like I missed the best conference of the show, but given this year's content that isn't saying much (just imo). Really enjoying Nintendo's Treehouse event right now, though. Pokemon Sun/Moon and Zelda look fun. :-)


As someone who cares less about Zelda, I really hope Nintendo has something big in store for tomorrow. I also hope Sega says SOMETHING about the Sonic 25th anniversary game. Just a small teaser trailer or image will be enough to get me hyped. So far, E3 has not given me hype at all this year. The only thing that has gotten a bit of excitement from me so far are the customizable Xbone controllers, but they are expensive as hell.

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E3 isn't over yet (in fact it technically just began), there are plenty of announcements to come from smaller companies within the next few days, but so far here are the best and worst of E3 from my perspective:



The best:

Dead Rising 4 looks amazing

God of War is going in an awesome direction that actually makes me care about the series

Titanfall 2 looks to once again eat Call of Duty's lunch

Dishonored II looks WAY better than the first game

Prey is back

Resident Evil 7 with VR support going back to horror roots!

Xbox's Play Anywhere initiative is amazing

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best looking games at the show

Horizon: Zero Dawn still is making me jealous of PS4 owners

Fe is everything I want from indie games

Detroit: Become Human now gives me Deadly Premonition vibes and I'm super into it

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is shaping up to be awesome

Fallout 4 in VR is happening!


The worst:

Scalebound and Final Fantasy XV have never looked worse in their demos

'New Crash' ends up being just the old games again + a Skylander

Sony fails to give a good argument as to why you should get PSVR

Harmonix's big Rock Band announcement was literally just a name and a price of their new expansion

Days Gone looks super lame for how much time they spent on it

Sports Sports Sports

Watch_Dogs 2 probably isn't gonna be better than Watch_Dogs

VR in general is a bummer

EA showed a whole lot of nothing for most of their games



In general, the conferences this year at E3 were pretty meh. Weirdly enough Nintendo still managed to excite the child in me despite only showing one game. Microsoft was really strong, just not exciting (I still don't give a damn about Gears) & Sony felt like all talk with no actual content (though they succeeded in getting me excited for God of War which I have literally never cared about).

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Scalebound and Final Fantasy XV have never looked worse in their demos


Here's something much, much better than the stage demo:

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While it was disappointing in both conferences, I'm thoroughly satisfied with how FFXV has come along based on everything else they've shown. It will no doubt be my personal game of the year, but I'm also hoping it'll reach that status for many others. September 30th cannot come soon enough.

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Kind of E3 related; if you wanna get the Monster Hunter Generations demo they showed off @Nintendo Treehouse in NA before its public release on the 30th, you can try getting a code from somewhere on the internet (I think there's people on the MH subreddit giving codes away), or you can wait patiently for an e-mail from Nintendo containing one, or you can buy the Humble E3 Ticket for $4 for instant access.


If you're in the EU, just go to this link, login to your Nintendo account, and click the 'Download Now' button.


The demo has a basic tutorial mode, separate tutorials for each weapon type and style, a prowler mode tutorial AND 3 hunts for you to try out (using any weapon and any style). There's a lot of content for just a demo!

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