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Pokemon Sun And Moon

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Beat my game at least day 2 iirc. I haven't played a lot this week, but I currently have like 200 mons in the dex out of the 300 I need to complete the alola dex, thanks to some help from ACCret, who has been helping me with trades and overall we've been helping each other out and doing some good work. My overall opinion on the game is that its probably the best pokemon game yet, having actual personality and depth that I enjoyed thoroughly throughout my run through the game. I chose to run with Salazzle, Golisopod, Decidueye, Minior, Mimikyu, and Garfield alolan persian, oh my god these guys did so much work.


(read the rest below I wrote like an essay on this because I like talking about these sorts of things so much.)

Salazzle is a decent special sweeper, the typing isn't that spectacular but it's interesting. Its ability is straight up useless, since wasting a turn to toxic a steel or poison type is the waste of your salazzle during the battle, since its defense and special defenses are so low that it'll probably be 2HKO'd by most things, if not OHKO'd. On top of that, Salazzle is the female only evolution of salandit, which wouldn't be that bad if it had a 50/50 gender ratio, but instead it has 87.5/12.5 gender ratio, on top of its mediocre encounter rate in one area of the game, means you have a 3.75% chance of being able to get one for yourself. It's not great, but it's cool for what it is.

Golisopod is a beast, it has extreme bulk and offensive power, its hp is leaving something that needs to be desired, but it can still take a lot of good hits and dish out even more. It learns one of the best priority moves for dealing damage upon evolving, first impression. a base 90 power bug type move with (I assume) +1 priority, but it only works on the first turn it's sent out for. This alone gives it a lot of choices for how you want to play Golisopod, but for sure it becomes a strong revenge killer, being able to force a switch-out or take down a pokemon with first impression. And if you want another priority move, go for it! Golisopod can learn aqua jet (as an egg move iirc) and sucker punch as well (also maybe an egg move) giving it a good way to deal with faster mons, which isn't hard to find a mon that can outspeed Golisopod, because it's one slow mon. Not to mention that its ability is the worst, forcing one switch-out once the mon reaches 50% health. If it took at least 25% before switching into stealth rocks, it instantly forces you to switch another time, costing another hit against your team from stealth rocks. I recommend running him with a spinner on standby to try and help deal with this problem.

Decidueye is straight up the best of the starters. Not that fast, but which pokemon introduced in gen 7 were? Instead of being a grass/ghost infernape mixed-attacker god, Decidueye exchanges the speed that infernape has in order to have decent defenses. His special defense is pretty good, in particular. His attack stat and defenses are what you would mostly be focusing on, but he has potential in other areas. His coverage can be pretty good, access to brave bird and all sorts of moves, but not many of them are strong in BP. I'd still say he's the best starter out of the three, but that doesn't hold much in comparison to other starters.

I said it once (somewhere whether here or with some people from the forums) and I'll say it again. Minior is the best shell smasher in the series. Its initial bulk allows it to take a hit, and with not being insanely fast, it can survive the hit and shell smash afterwards. Most likely (since its defenses aren't really that good to start) it will proc its ability shields down, which changes it to its core form, where it exchanges its defenses for equal attack, special attack, and higher speed. (it goes from 60/60/100/60/100/60 to 60/100/60/100/60/120) combined with the shell smash means you'll be rocking a very strong and fast pokemon capable of sweeping most teams. The only way to combat this is to beat out the opponent in mind games with when you'll attack or when you'll be setting up, because if they use shell smash at the wrong time, it could ruin their chances of sweeping. If you can't tell, I like this one.

Mimikyu is crazy. He has a weird stat spread (55/90/80/50/105/96) that means it'll be outspeeding most 95 base speed mons (which I don't know how many there are out there, maybe there's a crazy meta with 95 speed mons that Mimikyu just absolutely destroyed, but hey idk) but the 105 special defense is appreciated, lets him take a dark pulse or shadow ball and maybe survive it, probably a 2HKO depending on what tier this guy gets into. The real place where Mimikyu shines is not his stats, but instead its movepool. It has such a diverse movepool that you can almost do anything with this thing. The biggest thing that I stress about this mon though is making use of his free hit with his ability, disguise. You can go with the safe swords dance and become a threat real quickly, or you can go a little crazy, giving it splash and then letting it hold normalium Z (splash with a normal Z-crystal boost raises the user's attack by three stages) to really go crazy.

Finally, Garfield. He's... weird. I like the fact that he's garfield, but his attack stat is so bad early on, his special attack is where he shines actually. His ability fur coat adds to his bulk and makes him more of a bulky special user, with decent speed, not too great, but he can outspeed most of the mons you come across. He can learn nasty plot and dark pulse, making him a pretty good force to be reckoned with. I don't really have anything else to be said.

Overall, I liked my run through the game. Had fun and I can't wait to battle you all in showdown :y

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