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July 2016 Smash DLC Tournament!

Date & Time: TBD

A quick shout out to GoldenGhost for letting me steal borrow his format and let me change it to suit this

A little blurb before everybody starts freaking out here. Also hi, welcome, and all that jazz. This tournament was founded on the thought of one last tournament before all the new members join from Pit People hype. In the same way that we will embrace these new members as they join, it felt fitting to celebrate their arrival like DLC to the forums, meaning that this tournament is DLC exclusive*. Now I'm not saying if you don't have the DLC you have to buy it to join this, but If you have it, you've gotta use it. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here's a list of what to expect.

*DLC isn't required to play, but if you have it, use it! If not, feel free to use any character, and your opponent will have a free choice of any stage.

- - - - - Rules - - - - -

-Super Smash Bros for Wii U

-1v1 matches

-2 stocks per player per match, 5 minute time limit

-Rounds will be best of 3

-Double Elimination (This may change depending on how many people can actually join)

-No items besides Smash Balls on low

-Stages will be selected from all DLC stages. If somebody does not own a stage, the other player may choose

-No custom moves or equipment

-DLC Characters are required unless you have none

-Don't be a jerk

- - - - - Prizes - - - - -

I have made up a nice variety of awards to hand out afterwards when the results are announced. That and bragging rights... I'm broke sorry guys :cry:

- - - - - Double Elimination - - - - -

Double elimination rules are pretty simple; basically if you lose one round, you still have another chance to keep playing and win the grand prize.

There will be a Winner's Bracket (WB) and a Loser's Bracket (LB); everyone starts in the WB. Obviously, if you win, you advance in your bracket. Losing in the WB drops you to the LB, and losing in the LB eliminates you from the tournament. The winning team of the WB (Winner's finals) is named the "Winner", and the winner of the LB (Loser's finals) will face off against the Winner to determine the Grand Champion (Grand Finals).

- - - - - Sign-ups - - - - -

In order to sign up, please include:

- Your NNID

- Your Timezone (for communication and planning purposes)

- Two or more times that would work best for you (Think next week or later please, if possible)

- Skype and/or Discord contact info (So I can contact people to keep things flowing)

- One fun plan you've got for the summer

A C Cret

NNID: A_C_Cret

Timezone: PST (UTC -8)

Free Time: I'm open most afternoons and weekends

Skype: The_Real_A_C_Cret

Discord: @A C Cret#9309


NNID: ChrisTheNinjer

Timezone: BST (UTC +1)

Free Time: Monday evenings, all-day Tuesday and Wednesday

Skype: ChrisTheNinjer

Discord: @ChrisTheNinjer#0370


NNID: 8BitSymphony

Timezone: EST (UTC -5)

Free Time: Literally whenever (Except during James's streams)

Skype: JoyBuzzer64

Discord: @GoldenGhost#4235


NNID: TurkeyScrub

Timezone: EST (UTC -5)

Free Time: Weekends

Skype: N/A

Discord: @Scrubboo#8066


NNID: MorgLikesGames

Timezone: CDT aka EST (UTC -5)

Free Time: uhh we'll see

Skype: N/A

Discord: @Morg#4672

I can't play Mother 3

NNID: Hyperninja (will verify later)

Timezone: CDT aka EST (UTC -5)

Free Time: Anytime after Friday sounds good

Skype: N/A

Discord: @Inaccurate Gameplay#1775

Note: The deadline to sign up will be at 11:59PM PST of the night before the tournament, so make sure you sign up before then!

- - - - - FAQ's - - - - -

Something isn't right with my match, what do I do?

Usually unless somebody is hacking and you can't move or something weird, nothing serious will need to take effect, but for the most part, anything that goes wrong can be redone. If items were accidentally left on, or the wrong stage chosen, etc., just restart the match with the proper settings. Above all else, just stay calm and reasonable, for everybody's sake ;-)

What's the bracket? How do I know when I'm needed?

The bracket will be made and released a day or two before the tournament. After that, it's on you to either contact me or your opponent (through either PM, Skype, Discord, carrier pidgeon, Amazon Prime) and be responsible for yourself. Make sure that at least one of the two of you sends me a message after each fight with the results!

How do I contact you and/or my opponent?

This heavily depends on what methods of contact everyone has. If a majority of people have either Skype or Discord, I will create a chat group for everybody to stay chatty while awaiting their impending doom. If you don't have any third party apps, PM's (Private Messages) through the forums always work too! If you don't know when you're needed, either your opponent or I will reach out and give you a heads-up. Just make sure you're staying in touch with the right people at the right times! Not too hard, right? :-)

What if I suck at Smash?

It's all for fun here, so don't worry. Besides, not everybody plays DLC characters, so some people may be out of their element. You never know unless you try, right? :-D

Where is my opponent?

Unless your opponent is a Pokemon near me in Pokemon Go, I couldn't tell you. If you can't find them, send them a message of some sort. Give people a few minutes before just giving up, and be patient. Sometimes things come up and a match may have to be delayed last minute, but always report first before making any rash decisions.

Good luck! :-D

Edited by A C Cret
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Since I won't be online at all from July 22nd-29th, I may have to pass on this one. In case the date of the tournament has to fall on any of those dates, good luck to everyone who will be playing. :-D

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I haven't played Smash in a while so this might be fun


NNID: ChrisTheNinjer
Timezone: BST (UTC+1)
Free Time: Monday evenings, Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Skype: ChrisTheNinjer
Discord: ChrisTheNinjer#0370

Summer Plans: Monster Hunter erry day

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NNID: 8BitSymphony

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC - 5)

Free Time: literally whenever (except during James's streams)

Skype: Joybuzzer64

Discord: GoldenGhost#4235

Summer Plans: maybe take a trip to NYC for a few days to see the sights and visit the Nintendo World Store

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-Next Sunday, and then every Saturday and Sunday after that
-Discord is Scrubboo#8066
-Work and then go back to school


You guys happen to have a Discord channel? My computer doesn't like Skype for some reason, so I stopped using it. I kinda miss the little Skype community

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-Next week Monday and Tuesday, unsure if I'm around the following week

-Discord: Morg#4672

-Spending time with relatives really

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Sorry for the delay, but I've added everybody to the list. Currently the best possible time seems like either a Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon/evening (Based off UTC so it works reasonably for everybody) as long as that's good with everybody :-)

Edited by A C Cret
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-Hyperninja (tell me if this is wrong)


-After Friday this week I'm free for most of the time

-Inaccurate Gameplay#1775

-Complete all of the FE stuff that I haven't gotten around to doing (beat like 7 more chapters in Lunatic Conquest, most of FE 6, complete Cancer Emblem (on the run), and Apotheosis if I still have time)

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