Can't Get Battle Block Theater To Start Up

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So, I went into the options for the game, trying to change it to the resolution of my monitor. Since the resolution size wasn't there, I decided to go with the closest one. The one I picked was slightly bigger than my monitor, and I hoped that it would at least look better than the previous resolution I picked. However, once I accepted the changes, my game went to a black screen. After flailing around for a bit, I'm pretty sure I accepted the changes. And because of this, my game was stuck in a black screen. I then killed the task, and tried to reboot. Once doing this however, the game would load up as a black screen, try loading the game, and then crash. I don't know how to fix this, and I'm hoping I'll get a solution. Thanks.

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Hey there sorry for the wait, So it sounds like you definitely set your resolution to a size your monitor cant handle! The settings have been saved in your config now. 


But we can change that. Yes we can.


First can you tell me what OS you are running? 

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