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Mr. Hatty

The Behemoth Xbox One Club

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Not sure what section this should go in honestly, so mods feel free to maneuver this thread wherever it would best fit.


So as some may know, the feature to create and join your Clubs on Xbox One is now rolling out to Preview members.


I have personally taken the liberty of creating a club specifically for this community's Xbox One players to get together and play games, whether it be matchmaking for Castle Crashers Remastered or just finding people who want to play Overwatch, I think it'd make it a lot easier for those of you looking for like-minded individuals, or just need a friend or two to tackle hard mode in CC.


The club is public and open to everyone, simply called "The Behemoth" if you search on Xbox Live. I can't directly invite anyone not on my friend's list, but if you join you can invite any of your friends!


So anyway, have at it, I hope this is helpful for some of y'all!


EDIT: For anyone who cannot find the club for whatever reason and is interested, you can either post your Gamertag or PM it to me and I can actually send invites that way!

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So after I got back from work I went up to check on the club, here's some updates:


After less than a day we already have 3 requests to join! Which brought me to the realization of how joining a club works:

After finding the club, you can follow the club to have access to its community feed, and after following a request to join the club is sent to the club owner (me). Then, the owner (me) has to personally go through and invite everyone who requested to join into the club. It is then that each person can accept the invitation and become a club member!


It's a bit of a process I know, but trust me, I won't be excluding anybody. There is luckily an "Invite All" button that I will use anytime there are requests to join, and I have enabled it so once somebody is a member they can invite their friends to join without them having to place a request themselves!


Some of the benefits of the club include the community feed that allows people to chat and share cool stuff, as well as the new "Looking For Group" function, that allows people to create parties to chat and play with anyone else in the club without having to go through the hassle of adding these strangers as friends!


So like I said, we have three people already joining which have all been approved as of a few minutes ago, one of them is even a verified account of a YouTuber!


So yeah guys, I'm feeling good about this whole club thing, come on and join, the water's fine :)

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