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It returns! From the creator of Complex comes a new title in the series, Complex: Castle of Peril! In this new game, a mysterious tower appears in our heroes' town. What's worse, Damien and Samuel seem to be missing. Will you be able to uncover the mystery of the tower and rescue your brothers?




New planned features:

  • Collectibles! Find shiny jewels on your quest to find the truth... or something else?
  • Ammunition! Power ups can give Laurence firepower to dig into new areas of the castle, and defeat enemies!
  • Secrets! More than the last game! Little easter eggs and jokes!
  • New traps and enemies! Cannons will burst, ghosts will haunt, balls will drop!(no pun intended)
  • More things I didn't mention here!

Demo coming soon!

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How many ARGs have dropped before the reveal, my boy?

Anyways, as a member of the inner-circle of Morg enterprises, I can confirm that this game will be much more entertaining, the background now has the potential to not be a blizzard but instead nice slowly drifting snow, now isn't that nice kids? But really though I'm looking forward to how this turns out!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! I decided to release a hastily-put together demo of Castle of Peril here, but not alone. Instead, I present:




Yes! Not only will you be able to play the very short demo of Castle of Peril, but a sequel to the hit game, Rashid of the Turbulent Wind! The download link is below:'s Halloween


Thanks for your patience, and I hope you have an inhuman amount of candy this weekend! If you run into any issues, please let me know!

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The Halloween Bundle was pretty amazing, I'm gonna have to give my review of the sequel to RotTT soon. I was told to leave some advice for Castle of Peril, so I have some suggestions below. Regardless, this was pretty amazing and I'll be looking forward to the holiday bundle (/sarcasm)


CoP Notes

-Have two hitboxes for the chain and ball obstacle, one when it's at a complete stop and while rising, where you do not take damage and you can stand on it like the ground, and the second hitbox during its fall animation where it can actually hurt you, just to make it so you don't have to wait on the ball to rise all of the way so you can pass a small hallway

-Edit the BGM so the pause doesn't go on for like a second or two longer than it has to, it makes me think that the music just crashes a few seconds in

-Make the cannonball shoot faster so it's more of threat potentially?

I'll edit in anything I think of, great game so far tho.

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