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Default Weapon?

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Hey all,

First off, loving the game preview! Been collecting a lot of goodies.

My question, is there a "default" weapon? All of the items have a numbers underneath them, indicating how many of that item you have. Certain items ("Bald" head, "Small Shield", etc.) do not have a number underneath them. These items can't be sold or traded, I call them default items.

I've started a few saves and all have the same layout once I unlock the House:


  • Bald

  • Horatiostache

  • Pipstrella Style

  • Yosef's Other


  • Box Cutter

  • the King's Scepter

  • the Usual


  • Small Shield

  • Farm Fence

My gf started a new save (same Xbox, different profile) and had the same layout.

"Bald" and "Small Shield" are the only two defaults. Yet I've talked to people (online) that have a "Pirates Papier" sword as a default weapon.

Is this a thing? Should I have "Pirates Papier" in my inventory? If so, will this be fixed in the next update/full game?

Thank you for reading. Love all your games :)

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