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A couple suggestions related to how much is shown on screen and the focus. We generally play this on the 'big screen' projector and have not played on a small(er) PC monitor but it would be great if - 

The whole field were shown - especially during the battles. Perhaps a zoom setting.

Right now the follow-along/resize is a bit annoying.  Especially with two players (most of our play time) the focus seems to follow player one. Could not the 'default view' after a battle sequence include all active tiles/characters?

I would be ok with showing the whole field by default and the zooming in as needed. Now it is zoomed in and you have to 'sweep' out to enlarge the view. I can see where this is advantageous for small screens but for large screens is annoying.

I enjoy the game and my son (9) is really having a good time. This would make it much better.

As a side note - I see you are leveling/adjusting the damage and will see how that is. Right now I feel that damage is too low / battles too long by a 1 or 2 rounds. I don't want any weak characters to die in the first round but now it seems it is 3 or 4 rounds before the first kill which is too long as the stronger take a further 4++ rounds to kill. Maybe it is just because we are early (level 16 is highest character) and have only had a few die in combat, so there is no sense that we might loose and have to replay the level/quest/battle. 


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I have to agree. Sometimes, even when "zoomed out", I still dont have a good/proper view of the battlefield. I would like to see a third zoom setting, slightly more zoomed out than the max we currently have.

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This. My girlfriend and I love playing this game on the couch in Co-op, and the view isn't big enough to show our armies at the same time. We have to take turns controlling the camera so we can make our moves, which gets infuriating because we both continually forget that we have to wait.

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