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Guest Arcsrazor

Pit People Troop Balancing issues.

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Guest Arcsrazor

I don't know why but it will only allow me to post to Castle Crashers Remastered. I'm hoping a moderator can get this to the proper posting area. I currently am playing early access to Pit People through steam. The new patch has rolled out and I had some concerns with some balancing things that I've detected.

1. Gorgon Hair-snake drop rates were nerfed too much. I used to pair mine with a weapon that did some slight self dmg and a cupcake to sustain her health knowing she'd take hits. Now I can take on a full arrow barrage and if I'm lucky if she drops one snake. I           imagine this was done to offset her dmg increase which was nominal but have to say I prefer the previous model.
2. Kobold's dodge rates were nerfed to hell. They kind of relied on that as they have always had low health, barely any defense and needed to get to their targets in the back (archers) which usually means running past the front line and taking some dmg. The offset       to that was their dmg output was always minimal except on archers.
3. Unicorns accuracy seems to have been made worse, while it was never that great before and you always had to put up with a mix of 'horn-mine' shots. Because of their drop in effectiveness it makes them less preferable to a mortar user now.
4. Troll Mom's seem to have lost any regen that they used to have and while it was never substantial before at least it was something as she relies on her minions to do most interference and dmg.
5. Zombies light helmets provide no defense now where they used to have some minor protection with no dmg reduction. Now that we can see they only have a 29% chance return rate wouldn't it make sense for them to have some durability at least?
6. Octoclops while the confusion dynamic seems an interesting option I haven't seen a way of controlling said unit once confused. When mouse-wheeling through units are they supposed to come up as movable?
7. Those frozen mortar troops typical in the arena AI matches now have a ridiculous proc rate of freezing when compared to other freezing weapons (swords and such). The weapon itself does full dmg too right? It would be one thing if they were firing freezing               rounds with minimal dmg as that's a pretty long range CC. I'll remind you of the Bowling Stun mortar which had less dmg output.
8. Reduction in Hair Trolls dmg was understandable as their passive regen is substantial when compounded with their movement.

Overall I was pleased to see more vanity items added in and tweaking done with the arenas and what not for an added challenge. I love the way you've incorporated elemental weapon dmg into creature weaknesses as I think that factor will turn the tide in some cases. One question for the future is if there are going to be ways to intentionally detonate charge barrels on the field or will it always just rely on aoe dmg around it? Another question was the House Menu screen seemingly mentioned in the patch notes and such. Is that only available in the console version or something? I've never seen a screen for that of Horatio's Farm.

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