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My List of Observations/Suggestions

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1.  I love the world map, and many times I have come across an interesting building, city, or structure only to approach it and not be able to enter it or interact with it in any way.  Just today I came across a yellow building with physically-constructed question marks all over it and was excited to roll the ol' wagon over and see what's up.  But nothing was up (yet?).  I'm not sure if home base is intended to be the only city you will be able to enter, but being able to walk into other structures would be awesome, even if all you got was some sort of randomized pit battle out of it.

2. I really enjoy recruiting a fighter with a quirky name, but I've seen a few names many times across multiple species with only an 8% completion on my file.  For example, I have seen at least 3 units called "The Internet" and 4 called "Outcome."  I appreciate the effort in making a lot of cool and weird names, but it almost feels like there needs to be an even larger database of ridiculousness to damper repeats.

3. The "Unfair Fight vs. AI" is supposed to be unfair, I get it.  I think having three rounds in a row with no healing in-between already qualifies as unfair, but from what I count, the AI gets 8 slots to use for each fight while you only get 6.  While I have beaten all three rounds here and there, I think it would retain more enjoyability as three rounds of 6v6 instead of 6v8.  Perhaps the 6v8 could be reserved for Insane Difficulty?  Just my own personal opinion on the matter, but I would definitely love the pit fighting more as 6v6, especially since I don't play online much.  Maybe a third option in the pit for a one-off 6v6 against the AI could be added?

4. I know there are only a couple story missions available so far, not including the tutorial missions, but I didn't like being forced to bring Horatio, Pipistrella, and the crew along to do them.  Much of the enjoyability to this type of game comes from crafting your own personal team, but when you have to discard them for the stock characters to do the best missions in the game, it's a bit of a bummer.  Perhaps let people who want to roll with Horatio through the whole game do so, but let others do all the missions with their own team(s).  It would be totally fine listening to Horatio and Yusuf have dialogue after a story mission, even if their weren't on the team.

That's all; keep up the good work!

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