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And "Objective" out of this Altered Reality Perhaps ???

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This is just a suggestion, for what I understand this game theme to be about. From the clues that some other people have posted in the "Theory's" threads etc. From my understanding the so called Narrator is the satirical Mad hatter of this universe/world concept. The overall game is played through a hex based grid and is turnbased as a boardgame. It cleverly use's a fog system to incorporate "Not war" but Mystery for our Caravan of misfits as they freely wonder on the World Map portion of the game. As I have played the Beta for this work in progress I find that there is really no "Main Objective to there predicament in altered- time and place in this twisted view of the universe ? Therefore I whould like to suggest particular hexs that act as time portals. That when found by your Caravan of misfits they chould be used as key's to bring back a kind of Law & Order to the twisted universe or something like that. As a way to Win and complete the game perhaps ? ;-)

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