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Not sure if this is the place to post some of my suggestions for Pit People but here ya go:

1 - Having a chat window with quick responses (something similar to Rocket League) would be great for the Xbox players who can't always use there mics.  I'm sure PC players would welcome such a window as well.

2 - Having archers and other projectile characters' range of attacks show on the grid when deciding to move them.  This will help with forming strategies yet keep that random attack element.

3 - Changing the daily tournament rewards more often and including limited seasonal rewards (like BattleBlock theater did).

That's all I can think of for now, the game is great regardless!  

Again sorry if this isn't the place for suggestions, I'm new to these forums.  

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I like the ideas, I want the bear to be more chatty. Would love to hear those beautiful quips during every match, rather than just when you get double kills or more. I am so fascinated by this game. I love the quick paced table top feel, the exploration, the customization. Go Behemoth Go. 

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