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New Boss for Castle Crashers (Idea)

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What's up, ladies and gentlemen,

So I asked many of my friends today about the final boss in Castle Crashers, some of them said he was too easy, and the others said it took a while to defeat him, but easy. So I asked them if there were to be a replacement boss, who would you choose? I asked 7 friends that I know for a fact are pretty good at Castle Crashers, and all of them said right away: Necromancer. I had to agree that he is pretty good, and took a while to finish him off, but not as long as the final boss came to know and hate. So I came up with a plan myself, saying that if we could expand his health, and give him different phases, including him (the Necromancer) turning into one of those buff lookin' dudes, that would be pretty cool. When he does go into this stage, he can spawn in the buff versions of the dead enemies he usually spawns in, but with half of the normal health, because we all know that the buff enemies are pretty big time waster to kill. So if you agree that the Necromancer would be a pretty tough boss to kill with all the additional stuff I added into him, respond! Tell me what you think!

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Interesting idea, but it would probably be more fitting to talk about it in one of the Castle Crashers categories.

I never really thought the final boss was hard, exactly. I just thought it was pretty tedious.

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Sometimes I like it when a sub-boss is tougher/more memorable than the final boss. Not that I didn't enjoy either fight in CC, but I do like the final bits of the game the way they are. Maybe Necro knows he's strong enough to be at the top, but follows the Wizard anyway, because his abilities put him in a greater position to take over the kingdom than Necro's? Who knows?

I like the idea of an extended Necro fight, though. That would be rad.

Also I'm moving this thread over to the Castle Crashers section, because it makes more sense over there. :-)

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