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Trying to understand the logistics of porting

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So the biggest issue for ports is the work put in to do so. Distribution is only an issue of signing a contract or receiving a licence.

What happens if some freelancers created the prototype port and sent Behemoth or whatever company the build. Would official ports become more common?

I mean it would be a simple case of buying the rights to have a market space in the eshop of whatever platform. Whether its steam or psn or nintendo eshop or xbox live.


I'm just thinking... if fan ports became a thing.

1. you'd have a means as a programmer to show off your skills and add something to your resume.

2. the owner of the game would have a build they can use to port games into other platforms.


I'm just thinking how fan translators sometimes get jobs or have their work become the official translations. I'm wondering if porting can be like this too. As for case of money, I'm sure those translators got paid for their efforts. Since the company is buying THEIR translation work. Could freelance programmers create a port of whatever game they want and just sell it back to the company?

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