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Hello I'm MadBestKiller. And recently I have gotten back into castle crashers with the remastered version. It's fun doing the story again and it's fun soloing insane mode. But the thing I loved about CC the most was the arena competition. Most of the people I played arena with back in the day stopped playing and there's only the new generation of players. There are a lot of decent players that can juggle but none can stand against me in arena since there not used to playing it like I am and they mainly play campaign. Which is fine but now I'm just here and castle crashers remastered isn't at all challenging for me.

So people of the behemoth forums I would like someone to challenge me in castle crashers remastered arena. I haven't lost a FT10 since I got CCR and I need some competition. As long as you can slightly juggle I will happily play you in arena. 

My friend ESS Beast came real close at 10 9. He was ahead 9 to 7 but I got lucky and brought it back. That's what I miss and I wanna know if there's someone else who can challenge me like that and maybe even beat me.

My Xbox gamertag is MadBestKiller and I'm an admin in the Behemoths Finest Club. So if you want to challenge me in arena send me a message. I'm ready to take on anyone!!

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The game has been around for 9 years already.  Feel old yet?  I've been dusting off my sword lately and man am I rusty.  Still beat randoms more often than not but I've just been doing story mode.  Good to see people still playing the game even if all the veterans are retired.     

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