4th of July style mission.

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I know that it takes awhile to add stuff to a game so I'm gonna pitch this now. I love how Mascots self destruct but in all the missions they never really have a main role other then a defence target or a quest target like the Musician Teacher quest.

So I got a quest idea that should be fun. "Survive, I mean start the festival"

There's a Demi-Clops (cause we need more non-humans, and so far these are the least I see.) named "Uncle Spam, Fireworks Man" and he needs you to end the festivities by starting the fireworks show (you see where I'm going with this) with as many casualties as possible because the festival last year ended with them beating up Uncle Spam as a mob after a "miss-fire" caused all the Mascots to explode in the storage Pen all at once resulting in a no show. So this year Uncle Spam wants his revenge! Use the Mascots to kill the bystanders and give them the best & last fireworks show they'll ever see.


-World Map encounter-

Uncle Spam: HEY!! You there, with the axes. I need your help with something important!

Yosef: Something important, what you mean?

Uncle Spam: I'm in charge of the fireworks at the end of the "blah blah blah festival" and I need an assistant to help me blow the charges. Gotta have good aim & stay back, you don't want to caught in the crowd when it goes off!

Pipistrella: To be clear. Did you say you want them to explode IN the crowd?

Uncle Spam: Yeah of course I do. Last year they nearly killed me because all my fireworks went off backstage at once and they demanded I do this year out of my own pocket! I only agreed to save my life! So this year's show will be their last!

Yosef: All right, count me in!

Horatio: You want to do this?

Yosef: Well yeah, be a real bummer if they got no show two years in a row and I definitely don't wan't to miss it either!


Then you go into a map where there is 6-9 Blue allies on the field. One is Uncle Spam the rest is mixed races of Festival Partiers, and then there's 8 enemy Mascots far from everyone. The idea is to get the mascots to travel to the festival partier allies and blow them up so they are killed in the explosion. After 2 of the festival people die they realize Spam's Scam and decided to finish what they started last year. You have to keep Spam alive and kill all the partiers & fireworks before they kill him. The amounts of enemies will need to be tweaked after testing to make it challenging and fair. Here's more Dialog ideas for battle.


-at start-

Uncle Spam: All right I placed the fireworks already, so once I spray this attractant on myself they'll start coming. Wait for them to get in the crowds before blowing them.


-after 1st turn-

Partier 1: Hey what gives, aren't they supposed to be on the other side?!

Partier 2: Yeah I sat here all afternoon for the best spot!!!

Uncle Spam: No worries friends, extra precautions were made to make sure this year is a success!


-after 1st partier death-

Partier 3: Hey Spam whats going on!?

Uncle Spam: WHAT!? You wanted a better FREE show. It gets better! You'll get what you deserve I promise!


-after 2nd pariter death-

Partier 4: The fireworks are out of control!

Partier 5: This is all Uncle Spams fault! GET HIM!!!

Uncle Spam: Hurry up and start the finale!!


-Mission Success-

Uncle Spam: Wow what a show!

Pipistrella: I have to say I feel bad for the Mascots more then the people.

Uncle Spam: Don't worry they're covered under "Uncle Spam's Family Plan." Their families are well looked after and enlisted in next years show!

Yosef: Hey let me know when that is, I think I have a talent for this.

Uncle Spam: Yeah! I do birthday parties too if your interested?

Horatio: We'll pass.


-Mission Failure-

Yosef: Whoa! Uncle Spam went ka-blam!

Pipistrella: What did he expect covering himself in Napalm as a Mascot Lure...


Unique Reward Ideas

1. "Sparkler" Light Sword - causes fire damage and accuracy loss

2. "Bottle Rockets" Light Bow - Explosive Damage

3. "Roman Candle" throw/gun - Range Like the "Cyber Gun" but weaker and causes accuracy loss

Basically things that cause explosive, fire, and accuracy debuffs because good fireworks tend to be loud and blinding.



Love the game. Wish I could do more really hahaha. Can't wait for more to be added.

P.S. I know theyre are special color names but idk if they are bound to one name or if i can find same name in a different color, Reason I ask is I'm on a mission to catch a human or demi-clops named "Sleepy" hopefully in Purple Font to use as a main character cause my gamertag is "SleepySRH" :P I hope its possible and if not you should make it so for me haha.


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I love this idea! I think special event quests so like between the 20th and 25th December its a winter veil questline and unique one time rewards for finishing and perhaps rewards in between if the quest chain was long enough? Another one for St Patrick's day and Easter? Maybe one for the start of Autumn. :-P

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I like the concept, but from just hearing about it, it kind of makes it sound like your character is a terrorist. Maybe they should make it so your character isn't killing bystanders. :)

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