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World Map Needs Upgrade

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I'm sure there's alot more "Story" and stuff coming which I'm excited to see. I've ran through the sub quest several times collecting "quest fighters" only found that way, and also been hunting colored named fighters on Insanity. One thing I noticed is the world map is a little stale. Once you know how to drive and have enough coins to spend on nitro it's very simple to get around. Not the good kind of simple, the unchallengeing kind. Don't get me wrong I love how easy it is to hunt for my roster, but it's not "fun."

I know one thing I'd enjoy, if the world map monsters did more then chase me. I mean what if I was driving by a mushroom and he released a spore cloud? I'd have to add more maneuvering or drive through and my fighters would slowly lose health while in the cloud! I'd like the monsters to "attack" the wagon, not just chase. Have some ideas on how each race can effect the wagon causing an effect.


Monster Improvements

Human/Cyclops - Varies depending on Defense gear described below. Bows are on there too as they can not use shields.

  • Net - Snares the wagon if it connects, movement stopped for 2 seconds.
  • Large Shield - High chance to Block wagon's cannon like the Elites on Worldmap.
  • Medium Shield - Moderate chance to block.
  • Small Shield - Little chance to block
  • Small Bow - Fires 4 times at wagon inaccurately, hits hurt one fighter slightly
  • Medium Bow - Fires twice at wagon accurately, hits hurt one fighter moderately
  • Mortar - Fires once at the wagon where it lands is an explosion. Direct hits deal slight to moderate damage to all fighters. Splash damage only slightly hurts a few fighters.
  • Harpoon - Fires once at wagon. A hit heavily hurts one fighters. Not like kill him but make you consider using a camp if say your net guy was hurt badly and you need him to recruit.
  • Melee & Thrown - NO IDEAS

Mushroom - Releases Poison Cloud over 3 tiles surrounding it that slowly lowers fighters health in wagon.

  • This would make even weak packs a threat because they could use the cloud as a retreat tactic.

Pixie - Does an explosive attack on a tile. Tile flashes briefly before exploding. After which it is on fire and if the wagon is on it fighters rapidly lose health.

  • Pretty much the upgraded damage version on a mushroom over a lesser area.

Mascot - When defeated it self destructs already, add a second before the explosion and have it deal massive damage to wagon fighters if caught in blast

  • This would catch lazy players off guard if they dont drive away fast after battle summary.
  • Could also cause a player to accidentally bump into another fighter without healing in areas crammed with monsters like candyland.
  • Also could help a player because you could make it so the blast kills any pursuers, making fighting them a possible option for you if your being chased or effected by other map effects.

Electrobot - Randomly teleports around map, when the wagon is noticed the frequency increases.

  • This would make avoiding them alot harder, especially if it jumped in a path cutting you off while being chased already.

Gnome - When it comes into contact with another monster pack it will flip it away in the direction its moving.

  • Gnomes are never a front man, so they wouldn't "attack" the wagon.
  • Instead increase their speed slightly more then the wagon. This forces you to have to hit them with the cannon rather then dodge.
  • If you do increase speed this can cause them to chuck monsters ahead of them, ahead of you! Now you have to pick a fight!

Kobolds - Unaffected by cannon blasts radius.

  • They are small, resistant to fire, and meant to hunt archers, makes sense they dont get hurt by blast damage and harder to hit.
  • You would need a direct hit to stun them with wagon cannons

Zombie - If hit by a direct cannon blast it dies. If a player touches a zombie tombstone it triggers a battle. Tombstone will be flashing if a battle is possible.

  • Let's face it, there are numerous ways to get zombies, if you ever tried to catch the Necroduke, or Sid you know there are plently of zombies. This helps players stop annoying battles with this monster group.
  • Subsequently this still makes them dangerous creating a landmine style battle.

Spidaur - Like the "Net" described above, only if it misses it remains on the ground temporarily.

  • Makes backtracking a bad idea.

Octoclops - Fires a projectile that causes the players controls to be inverted temporarily.

  • Like its battle attack, the octoclops can confuse a players movements cause them to collide with enemies.

Wraith - Will fly over terrain the wagon cant.

  • Wraiths are like reaper so if it wants to fight you it should just gun straight for you.
  • If it doesn't want to fight you then that can make catching up to it without shooting it hard to do.

Gorgon - Shoots a fast moving acid ball which slows down the wagon

  • The near-unavoidable version of the net
  • Does not "stop" the wagon only slows it down.

Vampiress - If a fighter is dead in your wagon or critcal health, the blood attracts Vampiress which spread wings and chase you at great speed.

  • Adds more importance to Resurrection potions.
  • If your low on health and no potions you might want to find a way around or target the vampiress

Hair Troll - Recovers much faster from stun

  • Trolls recover quickly from damage in battle, makes sense they wouldn't be dazed as long

Troll Mom - when stunned will spit out a mini troll to chase the wagon that lives for a few seconds.

  • Like in battle just cause mom's stunned doesn't mean there isn't a kid or two to fight her battle for her.

Rainbow Horse - Fires a blast that launches the wagon in a random direction.

  • "No one knows what a Rainbow Horse is actually thinking, or why it enjoys tossing wagons into the sky..."

Cupcake - Scared ones drop splotches of health that slightly heal one fighter.

  • Finally in this new hell I call a World Map an ally! Yes, if you are strong enough to bully around living baked goods you deserve to exploit it,
  • Chase the cupcake around to heal your fighters... Oh btw should the heals attract monsters to the sweet healing too?


Ok now that the world is so much deadlier how's about we arm are wagon up in the same fashion. Let use our "Hero." I won't go into as much detail cause you can probably guess how this will help you

Human/Cyclops - Varies depending on Defense gear described below. Bows are on there too as they can not use shields.

  • Net - Toggle a monster type to "hunt" for. If its in a pack an icon is shown "like mr. whispers'" quests
  • Large Shield - High chance to Block incoming damage attacks
  • Medium Shield - Moderate chance to block.
  • Small Shield - Little chance to block
  • Small Bow - Wagon fires alot faster but inaccuratly
  • Medium Bow - Wagon fires slightly faster accurately
  • Mortar - Fires a massive shell, long reload time
  • Harpoon - Cannon's projectile travels much faster increasing accuracy
  • Melee & Thrown - NO IDEAS

Mushroom - Immune to mushrooms poison on world map

Pixie - Immune to fire on world map

Mascot - Damage Resistance from world map attacks

Electrobot - Invisible to robots

Gnome - Wagon moves slightly faster.

Kobolds - Archers flee in terror

Zombie - Vampiress ignores the stench

Spidaur - pass over webbing without being stuck, direct hits only slow wagon down not stop it

Octoclops - Immune to disorientation

Wraith - Gnomes flee in terror

Gorgon - Immune to acid's slow effects

Vampiress - Weak enemy packs that will flee are highlighted red.

Hair Troll - Slightly more monsters are less likely to chase you.

Troll Mom - Hair Trolls avoid you.

Rainbow Horse - Adds a rainbow effect to your cannon projectile and direct hits not only stun but send the monster flying.

Cupcake - Stronger healing after battle


Think that about covers them all. Looks a little more vicious then it seems but definitely an improvement. I remember when I learned about the hidden "lever" loot I was excited. Then 30 minutes later I was right back where i was cause it was so easy to avoid monsters I rounded em all up back to back in less then an hour. This would actually add alot more to "exploring the world" cause as it is I can knock out all the current world has to offer one after another. I can just go straight for subquests like a checklist. Now if the world were more hostile I'd be more worried about traveling farther from town for that sub quest in the ice area when I'm in candyland at the bottom. Not to mention alot more overall excitement of being chased and higher need for co-op for a 2nd gunner to actually aim & get a 2nd wagon perk, instead of a man and his wagon vs the world.

Not to mention I'm sure developers could do alot story wise and mission wise with these included in the game. Such as "Spidaur Nests" where going in without a spider hero driving your wagon probably wouldnt be such a hot idea whole ground could just be splattered in webbing. How about a toxic mushroom forest by toliet town caused by it's wastes?

Really do think this would increase the overall replay value about going out into the world for some fun hunting.

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