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My Master Tips & Strategies

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I have played the HECK outta this game. Need a new update soon, till then tho I'll pass on some tips for the current update.


1. How to easily and properly hunt new fighters.

Alot of people use Horatio, pip, yosef, etc. because they are their best fighters from start. Once you play for awhile tho you may notice some fighter with special names....CATCH THEM! They are like rare pokemon and I doubt they have any special use except cosmetic, but they are still awesome to have. And if you can make a full team it's quite intimidating to your opponents.

The easiest way to catch these is flip on the insane switch and bring 6 spidaurs or 12 if you have a friend or want to use a 2nd controller. Spidaurs for those who don't know are able to capture fighters like nets. Spidaurs are also very high on health and only really weak to ice so as long as you avoid cold battle in snowy areas this team will have a 90% chance to capture anything you find. Unless you bump into a crap ton of arrows or overwhemling numbers 1 spidaur will likely survive to catch the fighter you seek. They can also chain webs together which is extreamly handy since you can isolate ones you need to kill much easier without risking death to the fighter you want. Typically if I let it auto they i can catch one or two before i need to go to town, but if caught as much as 4 in one go with 6 spidaurs when i kept full control.


2. Necroduke capture

Chances are you seen him and you likely want to catch him. here's how I did it. 3 spidaurs 3 humans with cyber guns (gained by getting yoratio in sub quest or tech zones) the cyber gun has a 2 space range which means they can kill 1 or two of the archer on the other side of barricade before you bust it and start tent spawns. First let's run by turn by turn. At the start immediatly move the 3 cyber guns by the barbed wire they will be here for awhile clearing out zombies while spidaurs clear bridge. Once bridge is cleared use the cyber guns to kill the archers and then take 1 cyber gun and leave him on zombie patrol. Once you break the gate IMMEDIATLY take 2 spidaurs and take out the tent on the top left (the way should be clear if you pre-killed archer) while the other spidaur tries to snare the troll guards and cyber guns kill them.  Once you take out the tent take out the troll guards if they are still alive, then the last tent. Even with necro dudes tomb intact you can catch him. The tomb is just a big sandbag you'll waste turns on avoid it. This should land you a Necroduke.


3. Fighter composition in PvP

Making a team seems easy till you go into pvp and vs someone who has a proper build and spanks you. I see people doing dumb things like taking gnomes with no robots and taking robots with pixies. Some fighters are water some are gasoline and they just dont mix. Heres a quick builder reference


Not my favorite but useful. If your whole army consist of 5 melee fighters dont take a mushroom. Youll be spending more time trying not to hit your own guys then the enemy. Also if your gonna take 1 mushroom I HIGHLY recommend you take a 2nd. You can make a miasma of death you can safely pass through each turn while making it very hard for the enemy to maneuver without being poisoned. Anything more then two tho is a waste cause then the enemy will just spread out entirely and try to force you in 1 vs 1 fights you might not be able to win. Pairs with any fighters really just keep in mind to have something other then melee.


Always a threat but never take more then 1 if you take 2 and the enemy is using heavy magic or range, they'll outrun and outlast you. Cyclops work well with Spidaurs, axes throwers, and octoclops since those 3 can cause effects that hamper movement allowing clyclops to catch up to a fast target.


One of my personal favs. Pixies are powerhouse but extreamly squishy. You should always have 2 fighter per pixie to act as guards cause if a pixie gets hit with stun or ice its game over since he wont be able to dodge. you can have as many as 1-3 and do fine but the more you have the more you risk being blown away by a gnome/robot pack. NEVER put pixies in an army with robots, gnomes, and trolls!


Hate em but I know their uses... If your gonna use gnomes ALWAYS have a robot. Even tho you get two gnomes per they are extreamly weak. Almost weaker then zombies. Typically if your gonna go gnome route 2 gnomes slots 3 robots and a heavy shield for projectile defence is the smart bet.


Unlike gnomes robots are more useful in other builds without gnome support, but they are very weak to projectiles. So you want to pair robots with something that can tank damage for them. Never put in with pixies, the chain lightning could arc and hit the pixie if you not careful losing you alot of pixie life.


Let's make this simple if you want healing 1 or 2 cupcakes is good but keep in mind they can not heal other cupcakes unless its batter on the ground and they cant heal robots.


To be frank... I have never seen zombies help anyone in a fight. They die REALLY fast like 1 or 2 turn fast from mild damage and even when they res they are usually put back in the ground right away same turn. I can't give you any advice except avoid these guys unless your just playing for giggles.

Hair Troll

I love and hate em. If you use a hair troll I HIGHLY recommend that you take 1 and make him your "hero" he gets great boosts from it. The basic hair troll is still good but alot weaker then other races when you compare the hero and non-hero versions. If your using archers dont take a troll. You'll likely toss the enemy right into your archer pack and you just created more problems then solutions. Typically If you take the hero troll take a cupcake too. He can deal out alot of damage and keep cupcake relatively safe while cupcake heals him.

Troll Mom

Excellent vs cpu but awful vs humans. This is one situation zombies could help and be a meat shield but using a troll only leave you 3 slots left. Not alot you can do. Any pvp arenas are typically not troll mom frieldly, alot of tight spaces and level hazards like fire or acid that are extremely painful to a troll.


High risk high reward. If I use a mascot I usually have him ride a spidaur to keep him alive. But if you end up vsing robots or pixies you can expect him not to last long. However if there are no explosives left the spidaur/mascot is amazing. your spidaur deals 5-6 hits now with increased stats on two hits. Put a cyclops nearby for protection and he gets boosts too. these 3 are typically either a 1st priority or a Last.


The living embodiment of annoyance. Not too many players go heavy on archery so they really dont have much threat. However if they target your vampire early on its bad. Typically you don't want your vampire to be you main attacker at start you want to wait till you weaken an enemy and the vampiress can deal more damage and heal. This is why I recommend 3 tops but I have been beaten by 6 vampiress before. They pair well with anything but I suggest you bring anti-robot stuff since really thats her mortal enemy in the pit more then arrows since she cant self-heal when she attacks it.


My favorite troop. Either slap a heavy helm on her or a none at all and she can be offensve or defensive with top results. However she is weak to projectiles like thrown axes and gets stunned alot. If you use humans I recommend you take 1 spidaur at least. after about 5-10 turns if a human is about to die you can have them hop on her back and continue to fight. Be wary of explosions they will tear apart your rider and spidaur at same time. Usually you want 2 but one is fine. Having more means you can web off areas so the enemy cant use em.


I've not had much luck using them but I have been smacked around a bit. I know its nice to shoot a debuffs ball of plasma but too many times i see people trying to debuff shield users and they get blocked and lose a whole attack. I recommend you use a wraith or two as a flanker and get BEHIND the enemy. If you sit behind your own troops you risk hitting them and the enemy can easily counter you in a head on fight. However if one or two ghost go behind and start shooting squishy targets you can force the player to divide their army up and pick off target much easier. Pixies work well with wraiths since wraiths can hover over fire and wraiths are not the best damage dealers. 1 pixie per wraith can fix the lost damage output.


1 is good 2 is bad. Octoclops are easily killed by fast fighters. You want to use them on the biggest baddest thing the enemy has. Their whole job is to cripple armies by taking out damage dealer for a turn. This is why 2 is bad. If you double up to hit a target you'll likely get it, but your dealing barely any damage. Sooner or later you gonna miss the conversion/confusion and your gonna be the taking alot damage not the enemy.


2 per slot and If you use them i recommend you take 4 (two slots) they are squishy but fast and usually a 1st concern for players. I suggests you pair them up with pixies since kobold takes less damage from fire your not really gonna take too splash on your end. Either use them to harass archers like in their description or do what i seen smart players do and keep them for the end game. Once fighters get low on health a full health kobold is frightening foe. Use a kobold swarm to run in a pick of a weak fighter and run out, or make a wall the weak fighter cant retreat thru.


My main reason for making this. Unlike most monster-fighters Gorgons can hold a weapon. I'm here to tell you 95% of you are equipping her wrong. Most people give her a Rapier for dodge and a 2nd attack...WRONG! You are crippling your gorgon. The attacks are so weak and when you use a gorgon you want her spitting acid not fighting up close. Instead give her dynamite. Even though she will be hurting herself THATS GOOD! Putting dynamite on her will maximize her damage and if she hits herself its only 1-5 damage and that will give you a chance to spawn a snake without taking a full on attack from an enemy. If you dont have dynamite give her a weapon with a status effect like ice or stun. Say your using Hair Trolls that are weak to fire, give your Gorgon a lightning weapon for anti pixie fighting. Remember her main attack is acid you are not arming her for a head on fight your making her into your most useful tool for whatever your weak against since she has NO WEAKNESSES.

Rainbow Horse

only take one or two... or none. Yeah they are powerful but their accuracy is terrible I won a match solely because his horse kept hitting his own team and completely missing. Out of about 15 shots maybe 6 hit me and 3 of em were deflected. If you want a long range weapon I'd take mortars over horses. The horse is the wraith only weakness though but wraith are not really a threat anyways in a head on fight.



This is for another day. There is waaaaaayyyyy too many possibilities to go over. All i can say is every fighter has weakness more or less and these guys are  the solution to em and make sure you follow the above and dont put a flamethrower in a team of trolls.


Ok well I typed alot. Hopefully some of these tips will help you in your battles. Any questions I'd be happy to try and answer them.

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