Gwenifer Blobbins, Exp Queen

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So while trying to capture all the quest fighters I learned that Gwenifer Blobbins is by far the fastest way to get exp.  The pit is fast too since its battle after battle but those battles are usually stacked against you and the fighter your trying to lvl could be killed off. However Gwenifer's imaginary friends are infinite, and REALLY squishy. As long as you avoid Mr. Gulp (cyclops) you can fight as many jelly the pulps as you want. To farm exp here you dont even need full control you can set up auto battler to do it for you. Heres how:

Set Gwenifer Blobbins as a Capture target.

Set Mr. Gulp as an avoid target.

That's it. You might have to micro now and then to make sure the best fighters are fighting the best target. Like you want a shield guy fighting babybird & rabbit not a fighter weak to arrows.

Bring a cupcake if you want, but its not needed as you'll level & heal pretty fast. Just monitor your fighters health and if one looks like they are in a bind, pull em out till they lvl and head back in

If you do lose a fighter however make sure you got enough health to take out gwenifer and her crew 1 last round.

You can only do this once a world map change if it's available. You could retreat and use fire pits to heal and keep the quest open but that wastes gold and if you did this the pit would better a faster option for exp so you can't exploit it. More or less just informing you not to target gwen till your ready for the fight to and keep bullying rabbit and jelly the pulp (they're the squishy ones)


P.S. I almost caught gwen too but i couldnt kill all her friends in one round AND have net capture instead of snare :(

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I already got 6 of her. It's very easy. Get all the enemies to cage (press X) to Nanny don't attack. Get a team whit 5 guys on 99 and 1 on a bad level. Get your best to hero and put a fast speed whit net. The rest you put webs and a big normal sword. The guy at bad level you gonna make sure that will kil a enemy on the next turn. Be careful to don't kill Digit or Kiss (pixie).

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