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Battleblock Theatre: Warframe Heads!

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Ah, my first post in the Behemoth forums! I made a few custom heads for Battleblock based off Warframe characters, check them out here:

Edit: I'll just put the heads here, along with mock descriptions for them!


ng5bAmF.png Atlas: Strong as the mountains. All of them.

MamtUFB.png Ash: Measure twice. Bladestorm once.

oNdr4g2.png Banshee: People die after a banshee screams. She's no different.

Smm6iI0.png Chroma's Effigy: His breath is death.

l9MEb7V.png Chroma: What does he do anyway?

7BYfMye.png Ember: People like it when she stretches.

g8HNhua.png Equinox: Get yourself a girl that can do both.

ON3qDSy.png Excalibur: The bread, butter, and the knife.

39dA3Aw.png Frost: He was making bubbles before it was cool.

k7hIWMH.png Harrow~ Is it me you're looking for?

lkr9PQh.png Hydroid: Can't swim.

K5wWdgG.png Hydroid V2: Is tired of being released.

k3snnDs.png Inaros: They called his hat silly. He called them an ambulance.

Q1Sijbb.png Ivara: First she'll steal your heart, then she'll steal your money.

3MsAwl3.png Limbo: This theater's so fancy I need a second hat!


                                  Loki: His time is now.                              


oaXpBAf.png Mag: Bullet jumping near Gems does not work.

9TQWFXv.png Mesa: It's high noon whenever I damn well please.

S0mPUdN.png Mirage: Hosts absolutely killer disco parties.

B0xwxyI.png Nekros: After the accident, guards expected number of dead to rise.

uoWYdJc.png Nezha: He's not very happy about people mixing up her gender.

zZw2wKX.png Nidus: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared You'll Get Herpes

5HFUQMg.png Nova: She misses her pantsuit.

OiiY7yE.png Nyx: For some reason the guards always treat her better than everyone else.

AgEYfTO.png Oberon: Everyone wants him to change, but he loves himself the way he is.

DyerBJR.png Octavia: More like Pentatavia.

X3cyGuE.png Rhino: All that performing made him lose all that weight.

r0XDT5r.png Saryn: Deeply rooted in her culture.

ExZejMH.png Titania: Though she be but little, she is fierce!

YXTClxq.png Trinity: Everyone calls her Evie.

SAj1nxL.png Valkyr: *LOUD NOISES*

EaczWzv.png Vauban: Synthesizing Attack Patterns: Tactics generated: Spam balls.

bqpxpWp.png Volt: He just has to go fast.

TSZ09L6.png Wukong: Monkey see, monkey beat the crap out of it.


wcrO4Ux.png Just kidding here's Loki for real


wsKqdJY.png The Lotus: SPACE MAM!

dD9s2D5.png Darvo: He's got the best deals anywhere.

v88Ix4d.png Ordis: Your butler, blacksmith, and best buddy.

CsrqJ4Z.png Maroo: Where is her treasure, actually?

I1Ma1Wn.png Disappointment: Teh-nooo~

UwOJVsG.png Simaris: This will make a fine addition to his Sanctuary.

SpcVUwG.png Teshin: He shouldn't have come here. He's ruined us both.

ZXHMqMl.png Amaryn: And so she said I was dirty and needed a bath...or something like that.

kCS44zM.png Cressa Tal: You're a hero to her.

mGstXGA.png Ergo Glast: This is what he offers.

riDIWLb.png This Old Fart Because I Hate The Arbiters: You lack honor, tenno. 

I9Irj5P.png Scary Guy: This guy wants to burn it all, but what else will he spread? Such a mysterious, edgy kid. Oh wait, what? He's serious about it?!

C1Ypbkd.png Cephalon Suda: Still better than Siri.


xJN1m6j.png Stalker: On the ninth beat of the Naga Drum...

94AjGZD.png Old Worm: Old age depression starting to kick in already, eh?

Ou72qCl.png Scarley Quinn: *lil gasp* How rude!

GUUD2p1.png Clem: Clem clem clem, clem.

URyHZBc.pngBek: Our new technology always has its...kinks. Wise investors, you understand this?

i5Fn84H.png Jordas: A troubled little soul. Maybe he just needs a hug --- WOAH WOAH DON'T TOUCH HIM OH GOD IT'S SPREADING AAAAGH

66H0wGD.pngLittle Neewa: She has the soul of a poet, such a dear little thing! Aww!

wSjXxq4.png Pally: Oh Holy Rell, speak! We are listening!

hFhixBc.png Rook: Mrow

KQDnWTE.png Rell: 2c9p61Jt.png


i5MhTJr.png Cap-miral Vor: Being here without his weapons really makes him nervos.

NE0igjP.png Supreme Leader Vay Hek: He really believed it would be this easy!

3msikUR.png Ruk: Acquisitive cow juice.

2mISAtX.pngLech Kril: He gets hammered in that suit way too often.

FIUSvBf.png Killa De Thaym: Edgy kid alert.

nWsAMph.png Reggie: She never loved you, Tenno. Like how no one ever loved me :(

wnxY4Xb.png Grustrag: THIS ONE'S WEARING A SCAAARRRF....


vTeMMk0.png Salad V: Ranch sold separately.

UecqFDR.png Zanuka: A Dog's best friend.

1KWJHGg.png Mutalist Alad V: His new species. It's kinda smelly. Actually, it's really smelly.

VGukeCi.png Leroi: Why do you destroy him? He is your flesh.

yMwJ6iy.png Lilith: She embraces you. Why do you defile her?

omhBhFQ.png Leslie: me want cut things

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I edited the topic and put all the heads here, just drag them to the folder to use them!

Go to OS(C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Battleblock Theatre > GameData > UserFaces 

And put the .png in the UserFaces folder. It should be available for use in-game! ;-)

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Can't believe I didn't see these sooner, great job! I got pretty into Warframe about a year ago but dropped off after a few months. I still log back in every now and again for a few missions, though.

Rhino 4 lyf.

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