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Alien Invasion

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Hi, I wrote this new topic to ask you the question why. I have a question about the aliens and yet havn't found the full answer to it so I regestired myself to ask you about them. So finally my question is that if you mention in the deserts background some alien ships that steal the tops of some piramids and also some egyption statue pieces on the ground and you can see an unbuild building or something when you battle with the 1st and 2nd alien ship and also on the alien ship before the alert goes off you can see the 3 aliens on the ships pannel investigating the sand castle. Also they seem to say that this beefy alien that escaped from jail is a boss from the game "Alien hominid" My question is what do they want from the sand castle and maybe they want their castle pieces that they have collected on their other way to build something big!!! Something huge!!!


Perhaps the aliens we destroyed may be not the last of them. I mean there might be something in the other behemoth game called "Alien hominid" as long as I still don't have that game I am asking you guys. So now you know my question and please explain.


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