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On 21.02.2018 at 8:04 AM, Ev_olution said:

So I know that the music is done by different people, but I was wondering if there was some kind of list of it all.

You can see all the names of the composers in the game's credits


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Hello together,

 I am very happy to tell you my contribution will be available next friday 9th of march.

It will be released on my Bandcamp:  https://patric-catani.bandcamp.com/

But also on all other sources you might prefer, such as Itunes, Amazon and Streaming..

This is a link that puts it together more clearly:


One thing I really want to mention,

We all worked very hard on this for over two years (The Behemoth team even longer) ..

As far as I am concerned it would be nice to give us enough time to put everything together properly and respect the piece as what it is.

There is sooo much pirated youtubes and websites, that make it very hard for independent artists like me to present what we were working on for all this time.

Some people say it is just to share the love, but you should consider if that means to make everything available for download on dubious (piracy) websites...

This is not a game produced by a huge major company and neither the music artists nowadays can survive without having the music put properly on their channels.  Hopefully we find honest people who find the music worth to buy and / or stream through the official channels.  We put all efforts in to have this game rocking, spending days, nights, months to tweak everything for the biggest pleasure and make things available step by step since the early Access Release on Youtube (even for free).

To re-upload content which is not yours and even make it available as downloads is causing big damage towards independent artists and it is simply not fair.

I wish you all a lot of fun playing this astonishing, epic new game! As usual, The Behemoth has an amazing selection of music by a lot of different musicians, so I can only post here as myself.

There is a plan that the whole soundtrack of all involved musicians will be released at some point, but I guess it will be not including all my bonus material..

All the best,

Patric Catani











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