Bug in quest "The Botanikill Gardens"

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I have found that it is not possible to complete the quest "The Botanikill Gardens" world quest if you have a team of only troll moms or if everyone dies except for your troll mom, before you can unlock the storage closet. since the troll moms movement hex in in the lower left it is not possible to move to the hex required in order to unlock the gate. also, since the troll mom occupies 3 hexes it is not possible to break in through the side wall, which is only accessible through a 1 hex passage.  here is a link to the screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1321982887


now before someone tells me that I could fail the quest and retry with a team of not only troll moms, I know this. the fact that it is possible to make a team that can not complete the quest is still no less of a bug.


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The troll mother that you walked up to the gate with did they pick up the key or have the key on them? If one of your other fighters had the key it should have dropped and you would have had to pick the key up again. 

Please let me know if this was not the issue. 

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so, are telling me that the SPECIFIC character that picks up the key HAS to be the one to go up to the door in order for the quest to progress?

I started the quest with only 2 troll moms, both were alive and I had the key at the time of approaching the locked door. seems like bad content if I have to spend 7 turns walking a troll mom all of the way across the map...

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