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Pit People/ BattleBlock theater endings

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Why, Behemoth. Why leave us with this aching in our hearts. I now understand why battle block theater had to end in such an abrupt unsatisfying way, but Pit peoples was all the more horrible. Horatio and his son got their wish (I guess) but he left all of his friends behind. After he does this, he then goes back to the beginning and saves all of his friends, but that just leaves another question. What happens after he saves all of them? do the cannibal bandit guys just go home? do the Knights not attack the castle?  Nobody knows. If you guys ever make another game that continues off of the story of the last one, please wrap it up.  Castle crashers would've been great for that type of thing. Anyways I'm not trying to hate, I loved all of your games and cant wait to see what you have in store for the next one. (Really hoping for castle crashers 2)

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