Please say there are plans for a physical Switch Release.

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Please for all that is good in gaming please release this in a physical form.

I do not know about others but I have made the decision to only purchase games that come in physical form.

Why you might ask?

Well, for me, Castle Crashers is the direct cause.

I love games and have pretty much every major game system 2600 (Except PS4 and Xbox One) and go back and play them regularly and would like to be able to do so for as long as possible.

The first console game I purchased in download only form was Castle Crashers my son and I played this game for hundreds of hours (with and without his friends). Suffice it to say, it is a game I have HUGE memories tied to so had I hoped to play this for a very long time. My original 360 finally red ringed 5 or 6 years ago, it was one of original ones and I have no clue how it lasted nearly 10 years. Any way, when that happened I lost access to the game because it was apparently tied to that specific device and not to my account and there was nothing they could do.

Also the recent closure of the Wii Shop further illustrates the fact that games that are download games only are a problem to those that want to (legitimately) play the games that they have paid for over the long term. Not only are we no longer able to purchase games that were only released on the Wii shop but it is also not possible to re-download them if their current Wii dies or the game gets accidentally deleted or corrupted.

I really do not want to end up in position of not being able to play the games I love or have meaning to me or having to do something illegal to do so, therefore all games I buy are physical media only now.

If you are not doing a physical release yourselves and it is simply because you do not want to deal with a physical release PLEASE contact I am pretty sure that Limited Run Games would be interested simply because of a reply in a post that Mighty Rabbit Studios (Limited Run Games Owners/Founder) made several years ago on Reddit when they came across one of the 2007 promo discs.


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