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Marjau, the Pro Pit People

Pit People achievement suggestions

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1. Pacifist

Defeat the first bear star whitout killing anyone.

2. Master of the Pit

Reach the first position on Pit.

3. Professional Student

Complete 3 consecutive rounds whit 5 stars.

4. Bloody

Kill a character whit full health in only one turn.

5. I love History

Get all pieces from Admiral Sofia.

6. Stronger

Get the Sofia's Musket.

7. Best army

Complete any fight whitout let any of your characters die.

8. Chinese

Bring Father Crickets to your team.

9. The Sun is Cold

Catch The Sun Sword.

10. Astronomical

Complete "the moon mission" using The Sun Sword.

11. Investigative

Complete all Harry's missions.

12. For Spain

Complete all General Custard's missions.

13. Historical

Complete the first war bringing Sofia and using her musket.

14. Different Pits

Complete all Captain Crysanthemum's missions.

15. Deliciously

Complete all Scrumptious's missions.

16. Scientific

Complete all Megabat's missions.

17. Fire preserver

Complete all Fire Masters' missions.

18. Cow Chop (secret achievement)

Catch Cow Chop to your team.

19. New Spain

Explored all the map.

20. Solver

Complete all bonus quests.

21. Blood Bath

Catch a green hair troll.

22. Greek

Bring Minotaur to your team.

23. Not variated

Get a full team whit characters at the same variance, name, color and loots.

24. Isn't Mortal Kombat

Do a Dudodzo Kill.

25. The Royal Recruitador

Get 100% game completion.

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While it's unlikely we'll be adding any additional achievements to the game, you've got some awesome ideas here with some great names! I especially like "Astronomical" and "Deliciously."

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