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Why not the troll?

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So I’ve been playing for a fairly long time and I’ve always wondered why isn’t the troll a character? I know their magic was just gonna be another nature one, but it would’ve been so cool to play as something out of the ordinary. I know they were intended to be a playable character (unlockable by beating the game as Conehead) so why did they never become one? We got the beekeeper who only shows up once in a group of two!?! But not the troll!? They show up more and are way more memorable than beekeeper. They even have their own boss! Not to mention he shows up twice. I get that they don’t have shields or a normal walk cycle but again, at some point they were gonna be a character. So why not?


P.S. I’d even take it as a dlc. You’d probably make good money off of it too if it had unique magic.

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