2nd local player invisible to other online players

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I’m playing castle crashers on the switch. I’m hosting a game with a second player using their own profile. The other two players do not see this second player. Game goes by strangely with the other players hitting the air and standing around doing nothing. The other players also report being stuck on the player stats page because I’m not selecting anything but I’m still playing the level. Ideas? I think the second part is due to lag, but the first part doesn’t make sense at all. 

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This is definitely odd; it sounds like you are playing an online 4-player game, correct? Nintendo generally doesn't allow multiple profiles to connect to their online services from the same Switch at the same time, so this may be why you are experiencing the major disconnect between players. That being said, it's strange and device that the game let you get that far in the first place. Does this happen if you only connect with one player profile and the second player uses a "guest account"/no profile?

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