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Hello ! First, please excuse my english, i'm french and I don't speak a perfect english

My problem is : when I play on local with my son, the game doesn't save anything and we've got to start at the beginning each time we launch the game

I don't know what to do and we are very frustrated by the situtation 😕

Is there a solution ?

Thank you

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If you're playing Nintendo Switch local co-op with others, you'll have to save everyone's progress by making sure each player is connected to a Switch user profile! You can select profiles by pressing the "Y" button on the character select screen. 

Hope that helps!

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Alternatively, some people who have modified their Switch software or hardware also see issues with the game saving. However, there is no solution for this as we cannot support altered devices.

If this is also not the case, please reach out to so that someone can look into the problem for you!

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