2019 Castle Crasher Players?

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hello. the title says it all, looking for some people on this forum that play still 2019 ( november 9th as of today ) and if they are interested in playing normal/insane mode? you don't have to be an experienced player/juggler or anything like that, just looking for buddies to play with. btw, i'm on switch. thanks. will put my user in if people actually reply. btw, mods, sorry if this is in the wrong topic or something? i'm not a new CC player, but i am definitely new to these forums. i have no idea how anything works. lol

put your username down if you're interested. i'm also open to helping people getting achievements and such, new ( level 1 ) playthroughs, and all that.

bye, have a nice day/night or whatever time you're coming from.

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I just wanted to hop in to say that these days you can often find a lot of active players on our Discord server! While the forums here still have a little bit of activity, there are a lot more users on Discord and a better opportunity to find co-op players in real time. :)

If you're interested, you're welcome to join us at discord.gg/thebehemoth! (Either way, you're still welcome to find players using this post, too!)

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