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I bought the game on PS4 only to play with my friends and when I tried to play I couldn’t barely pass the first area of the game, the screen just blackout and my friend got kicked out of the game, and before you ask, no, it’s not my internet. Another thing I’m experiencing it’s lags, my character moves slowly and my friend says the same. Sorry if I sounded rude but I played the game on Xbox 360 and it was perfect no lag or anything, now that I want to play on PS4 with my friends I can’t, I saw a lot of people talking about the same topic and I hope you guys bring an update to solve this ASAP, and sorry for any mistakes in my english I’m still learning.

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Hi there! Thanks for the feedback.

The team is currently working to get this patched, and we hope to be able to update it in the near future.

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