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Castle Crashers 2 Plz (or DLC)

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if we could help with ideas to make a Castle Crashers 2. Or just a DLC that will add more story if you've already completed the main game. Should it be a new game, or just DLC?

Post what you think it should be and if you have any suggested story lines, throw it this way. I was thinking for a story (since its mainly based around the 4 knights), cut scene with the knights/players doing something stupid and their princess spots them and becomes angry. basically the princesses become the enemies, and the whole time their emotions were being manipulated by a Spirit or creature (final boss). If its a spirit, then it could of been behind the evil of the final boss in Castle Crashers. Playing in a spirit type of realm would also have some pretty cool game play mechanics to it.

Anyways, Let us know what You think.

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