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Next Gen Graphics I Just Drew Up

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I was hoping this wouldn't be necessary as i am not too into restricting peoples voices, and i have great faith in you guys to use good 'ol common sense... But here goes (we will refine these rules as necessary).

pretty please:

1) No profanity

2) No vulgarity

3) Don't repeat threads that already exist (we know this happens on accident sometimes, but look around a bit before you post a new one, k?)

4) Please post in the appropriate Topic

5) No SPAMMING : Please don't put up posts that consist entirely of a single word response, smileys, advertisements, etc say something!

6) No harassment- Posts along the lines of "you are stupid" are frowned upon. If you disagree with someone-- use your words. engage in debate not argumentation and name calling.

7) Refrain from double posting please. If you have something more to say, just edit the previous post. If several people have responded though, feel free to make a new reply. This saves space on pages so we can have those 12+ threads shrink to around 7 or 8.

8) Please do not always type in ALL CAPS! This gets old real quick.

9) And of course, try to have fun! We wouldn't want to see a member of the community suffering from a great depression,now would we? Even those we think should be shunned sometimes just need a nudge in the right direction ;)


On the other hand:

If you are not a moderator please don't take it upon yourself to "correct" others behavior or post etiquette. If you feel it is necessary, report the post, or PM any of the moderators. If someone posts a thread that is a duplicate of another, calling them a jerk doesn't help anybody. Post a link to the appropriate thread, and/or flag it for the mods to redirect.

how to do some of the things talked about above:

reporting a post or thread: click the double exclamation mark sign "!! in the bottom right of the posters thread or post.

editing your post: "edit" button in the bottom right corner of your post.

deleting your post: the "X" in the bottom right corner of your post.

Terms to know:

"PM" = Private Message

"bump"= posting in a thread for the sole purpose of moving the thread back onto the "active topics" page, or back to the first page within a topic. (generally discouraged)

we are a community! feedback is welcome! how do YOU think we should run it?

lets all play nice now...



I think number two fits the bill.

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Okay...maybe there is some sort of artistic meaning that I'm not getting from this piece...correct me if I'm wrong but is it vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar?

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ya im 99% :ugeek: sure that this is vulgar just to be vulgar, this dude must have issues or somthing... :?

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Warning has been issued. Locking this thread for the fact it's purely vulgar. The last thing I need to see is... that today :roll:

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