Will PDA games be included?

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Just want to confirm whether or not Invasion will include the PDA games from the older version of Alien hominid.  And will there be online multiplayer?

PDA was for years the go to game for me and my friends when ever we got together.  Running through those levels, collecting limy-apples things, killed FBI dudes, killing each other, why even working together from time to time.

That game would always guarantee hours of gut busting fun for us.

So now that most of my friends have moved to different cities we are all really hoping to see PDA games come back with with online multi player.  That would just make us the happiest bunch of idiots.



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As of right now, we don't have plans to bring the PDA games into Alien Hominid Invasion. There will, however, definitely be online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players!

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Thanks for the info. 

I hope the dev time changes their minds and adds it.  It would defiantly guarantee sales to my circle to friends.

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